مستشفي أتاكنت Atakent Hastanesi Hospital yalova

Learn about the most important hospitals in Yalova, Turkey

The city of "Yalova" in northwestern Turkey is characterized as one of the most important Turkish cities that tourists flock to for the purpose of "medical tourism", due to the presence of hot springs with important hospital benefits, in addition to the well-developed health sector. Among the most prominent distinguishing features of the city is the presence of a number of hospitals, in addition to the...

مبيعات-العقارات في يلوا الجنسية التركية Real Estate Sales Yalova Turkey

Yalova is among the top ten cities in real estate sales to obtain Turkish citizenship

"Yalova" city in northwestern Turkey was among the most preferred cities by foreigners wishing to own a property to obtain Turkish citizenship, in the first quarter of this year 2022. Turkish sources stated that for the first quarter of 2022, Istanbul was the most preferred city by foreigners to obtain citizenship, followed by Antalya, Ankara, Yalova, Izmir, Mersin, Mugla, Bursa, Trabzon, and Sakarya,...

عمران ترك الكويت

OmranTrk discusses with the Turkish ambassador in Kuwait the reality of investment and economy between the two countries

Member of the Board of Directors of "OmranTrk" and the representative of the company in Kuwait, Mr. Hamad Al-Ali, made an important visit to the Turkish Ambassador of Kuwait Aisha Hilal Sayan Koytak. During the visit, they discussed the reality of investment in Turkey, especially that the real estate market changing in the coming years, in addition to highlighting the successes achieved by the...

الديكور Dekorasyon Decoration

“Decoration” is the art of interior design for apartments… “Yalova” as an example

What attracts the attention of investors and those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey is not only the development of the real estate sector or the distinctive urban development in various Turkish cities, but the distinction in the "decoration" of the housing units and the distinctive style of the apartments that are ready for housing or in the process of being furnished. Turkish houses, according to...

Real Estate Sales Turkey مبيعات العقار تركيا

Real estate sales to foreigners achieve remarkable figures in March 2022

The demand for real estate purchases in Turkey continues at an upward pace, especially among foreign investors wishing to purchase a property in various Turkish cities. In the latest developments, the Turkish Statistics Authority said in a statement that Turkish real estate sales to foreigners recorded an increase of 31% last March, compared to the same month of 2021. The total real estate sales...

موصياد ليبيا

“OmranTrk” participates in an important economic event along with ” MUSIAD ” in Libya

"OmranTrk" company, represented by its CEO, "Abdülaziz Kaşifoğlu", participates today, Saturday, in an important historical event in the world of Turkish economy and investment, under the most prominent title, "The Turkish Association of Independent Businessmen and Industrialists (MUSIAD) opens a new branch in Libya." OmranTrk's participation confirms the importance of the efforts it is making...

Yalova yatırım Investment real estate مبيعات العقار في تركيا الاستثمار

With numbers and since 2021: an unprecedented recovery in the real estate sector in Turkey

The real estate sector in Turkey continues to recover, achieving unprecedented results and numbers that attract the attention of businessmen and investors, who wish to invest in this sector in a very major way. According to Omran Trk company, one of the most prominent news that came to the surface regarding the real estate market in Turkey, is that the number of Turkish cities that witnessed the sale...

online الشراء أونلاين Real Estate

Omran Trk explains to its clients the steps of owning real estate in Turkey online

hose wishing to buy a residential unit in Turkey can now implement this matter with ease and ease by implementing the process of real estate ownership online, saving a lot of effort and time for clients and investors. Many clients who have dealt with professional companies, such as Omran Trk, describe that the process of buying a property in Turkey has become an innovative method. Omran Trk assures...

رمضان عمران ترك يلوا

With the advent of the holy month, OmranTrk begins a humanitarian initiative in coordination with Turkish authorities

OmranTrk company, headquartered in Yalova, northwest of Turkey, has started distributing "Ramadan baskets" to a number of Arab and Turkish families targeted in the city. This initiative, which OmranTrk continues to pursue as part of its annual program, comes with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, in order to meet some of the needs of the targeted families and help them with the costs of the...

KDV تركيا ضريبة القيمة المضافة Tax Omrantrk

Turkey and the conditions for exemption real estate investors from the Value Added Tax

Turkey continues to make distinguished efforts to encourage investors and businessmen, and for all those wishing to invest in Turkey in economic, real estate, tourism and other fields. Because Turkey combines words with act, it has become the focus of attention for all investors from different countries of the world, taking advantage of the facilities granted by the Turkish government and under the...

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