“Yalova,” the city of flowers in Turkiye.. begins exporting Orchids to Russia

 “Yalova” has many advantages, whether in terms of tourism or investment, which makes it an essential place among other tourist cities such as İstanbul and Bursa.

Yalova” started to occupy an important position after Russia turned its attention to importing orchids from it. According to identical Turkish sources, Russia, which many countries have stopped exporting because of its war on Ukraine, will head to Turkiye to get alternative products that will meet its needs.

Russia intends to import orchids from Yalova after Netherland stopped exporting this type of flower to Russia, so the alternative to export orchids has become  Yalova, Turkiye, an alternative country for the products they need.

According to the sources, the Solo Plant in Yalova, which manufactures 40% of the Turkish orchid exports, has Russia on the list of its exports.

Reports quoted the owner of the business, Çağlar Tuğtekin, as saying that they “produce one million orchids annually in glasshouses with an area of ​​36 thousand square meters,” noting that they started production in 2014, intending to reduce Turkiye’s dependence on foreign sources in orchids.

The source emphasized that they “earn a large amount of foreign exchange for Turkiye by reducing about 40% of imports.”

“We produce our own in our tissue culture laboratory, we consider the demands of our consumers and customers during production, and we plan our production in this direction,” he added.

He pointed out that “orchid production is done with tissue culture in Turkiye, and we are the first and only company to do so.”

He concluded by saying, “We not only sell orchids produced in the local market but also export them to countries of the Middle East, Kosovo, Albania, and North Macedonia, and today we are at the stage of an agreement with Russia regarding the sale of orchids.”

Many call “Yelova” the “City of Flowers,” pointing out that it meets 10% of the production of ornamental plants in Turkiye.

According to a Turkish source, indoor and outdoor plants and flowers are produced across ​​3,850 dunams in Yalova, Turkiye.

“We have a total annual production capacity of 160 million pieces in this sector, yet we meet 10 percent of the annual production in Turkiye’s Yalova,” he added.

And the “orchid” is a susceptible and challenging plant. It takes 8-10 years from seed to flower, and every year about 85% of the production is allocated for Valentine’s Day, and some of it is exported to the domestic and foreign markets.

He pointed out that this sector has an important place in the Turkish “Yalova,” where flowers such as roses, Wallflowers, Lisantos flowers, and orchids are planted in an interior area of ​​over 900 dunams. In contrast, orchids are produced on a site of ​​38 dunams, while Yalova’s annual production of orchids ranges from 80 to 100 thousand.

He explained, “The orchid is prepared with beauty and with love, because Yalova has always brought beauty and happiness to Turkiye in terms of agricultural products, and our orchid is one of this happiness.”

It is noteworthy that “Yalova” city has witnessed tremendous developments in recent years since it enjoys beautiful resources and landscapes and its intermediate location among the major Turkish cities (Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmit).

Yelova” has a charming view of the Marmara Sea. It is one of Turkiye’s most beautiful tourist cities; it contains Arab and foreign tourists visiting hot springs and waterfalls in Termal; this nearby region receives hundreds of thousands of tourists annually.

Given the strategic and investment importance of Yalova, OmranTrk Company chose this city as the headquarters of its successful business and investment projects.