“YALOVA” records the largest percentage of exports in the first six months of 2022


YALOVA” records the largest percentage of exports in the first six months of 2022

Yalova city located northwest of Turkiye ranked 29th among the Turkish states that recorded the largest percentage of exports in the first six months of 2022.

The value of exports made in Yalova in the first six months of 2022 reached 262.971 thousand dollars, while exports in Turkiye in the first six months of the last year reached 340 million dollars.

According to the Turkish sources monitored by OmranTrk Company, headquartered in Yalova, Turkiye, the value of exports reached:

  •  6 million and 422 thousand dollars in January.
  •  35 thousand and 619 thousand dollars in February.
  •  39 million and 794 thousand dollars in March.
  •  123 million 245 thousand dollars in April.
  •  43 million and 908 thousand dollars in May.
  •  13 million dollars in June.

In the same context, the ships and yachts sector achieved the largest revenue of exports in Yalova, the city’s shipyard exports to 213 million and 408 thousand dollars in 6 months, also the exports of the chemical materials and products sector in the city reached to 10 million and 464 thousand dollars.

 The value of mining industry exports reached 8 million and 379 thousand dollars, while the value of textile exports reached 5 million and 363 thousand dollars.

The city of Yalova is located at the crosspoint of 3 major cities, Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmit, where its privileged location enables its residents to reach Istanbul within one hour approximately whether by land or sea transportation, as well reaching other major cities like Ankara, Bursa, and Izmit, where it takes a few hours, making the settlement in Yalova comfortable and away from the congestions of major cities.

Turkiye also contains many cities with different advantages that are suitable for diverse tourism, and Yalova is one of these cities, in which it has many special features that make it a favorite destination for Arabs especially Gulf and Kuwaiti tourists.

It is worth noting that Turkish exports to neighboring countries exceeded 11.4 billion dollars during the first six months of 2022.

According to Anadolu Agency, citing data from the Ministry of Commerce, the exports to Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Greece increased by 25.4 percent during the mentioned period, compared to the same period last year. 

Notably, the total Turkish exports during the first half of this year set a record, reaching 126 billion dollars, an increase of 20 percent compared to the same period in 2021.

The head of the Turkish Exporters Council, Ismail Gülle, said, according to “Anadolu” that Turkiye aims to export $300 billion by 2023. He further explained that Turkish exports in 2021 recorded a growth of 33 percent, compared to the growth of the world tradeoff of only 23 percent.

He stressed that in light of the new global developments in the export and trade sectors, they aim to raise Turkish export revenues to $300 billion by 2023.

Turkiye’s exports in local currency grew by 68.4 percent during the first 4 months of this year, compared to the same period in 2021.

According to data compiled by the Anadolu Agency from the Ministry of Trade, the total value of exports in Turkish currency reached 33 billion and 340 million Liras (about 2.23 billion dollars) during the mentioned period. And the value of Turkish exports, in local currency, is estimated at 66 billion and 784 million Liras (about 4.45 billion dollars), by the end of the last year 2021.

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