Yalova is safe in blue

After the increase in the number of corona vaccines in Yalova, it reached 75% of Yalova’s population

The city of Yalova joins a list of cities in blue color, which are considered at a lower risk of Corona virus.


“OmranTrk” company paid a visit to the Directorate of Health in Yalova Mr. Imrah Iray, in his behalf he has explained

that the rate of Covid19 infections has decreased significantly since the increase in the number of people taking vaccine, as the percentage of vaccinated people in Yalova have recently reached 75%,

Mr. Irai assured that all the rumors circulating about the vaccine are baseless, as he indicated that until today, there have been no deaths from the vaccine were recorded or any abnormal side effects.

While most patients who are under intensive care in ICU and of most deaths are those who did not get vaccinated, he draw the attention to the importance and necessity of vaccines against the virus attack.

He proceeded, saying: More than 300,000 people have been vaccinated in Yalova up until this day, and vaccination operations works   around the clock, as the Health Directorate has organized vaccination campaigns to houses, residential complexes, and others.

 Health Directorate Iray assures by all means and methods to protect the city’s residents from the epidemic and calls on people to maintain safety procedure and urges them to take the anti-virus vaccine.

In a respond of   evaluating the progress of vaccine operations in the country, Mr. Iray replied that Turkey is considered one of the best countries that manage vaccine operations, according to the number of recipients of the vaccine and for the first dose in particular around the country who are over the age of eighteen years reached 70% and that this percentage reached such a short duration which makes it a   great success, as 1.5 million people are being vaccinated daily.


He also insures that the Turkish government did not and will not consider any differences between a Turk and a foreigner in terms of health services and vaccinations, and as it provided support on medical care to foreigners before, it will continue to provide it on the highest standards.

He explained that the Turkish government is considering the idea of ​​making vaccines mandatory and perhaps restricting those who refrain from taking it, but there has not been any serious decision in this regard yet.

Mr. “Iray” called on those who have not yet taken the vaccine to go to the nearest health center and get  it immediately, saying (that we have lost many loved ones and let us not lose more).

After Yalova’s joining the least dangerous cities on the listed map of infections, tourists from inside and outside Turkey continue to flock to it,

We “OmranTrk” also invite you to visit this picturesque city to enjoy a special summer vacation and get an unforgettable moment, while we look forward to your visit to our projects at Yalova city.

We wish you a safe and joyful summer vacation.