“Yalova” is covered with snow as if it were a “white pearl”

“Yalova” city in northwestern Turkey was decorated with a white dress after the snow coverd most of its areas, which increased its beauty and increased the demand for tourists to enjoy watching its snow-covered attractions.

 Snow has been falling for several days in Yalova in particular, and Turkey in general, in a striking scene awaited by photography enthusiasts and winter tourism enthusiasts, whether in Yalova or other Turkish cities.

 The residents received the snowfall in “Yalova” with much happiness and joy, and a number of tourists and visitors expressed their desire to go to this city, which provides its visitors, especially in the winter, with vast spaces for hiking and enjoying the landmarks of “Yalova”, in addition to providing special places.  For families wishing to visit Yalova during the winter.

 The Turkish “Yalova” is characterized by the fact that the snowfall on its areas gives it a distinctive beauty and increases the number of visitors wishing to enjoy the beauty of snow in the natural areas.

 Despite the cold weather, most of the Turkish regions of Yalova were not without snow lovers who expressed their enjoyment of the amazing scenery, so that Yalova looks like a “white pearl” because of the snow.

 Among the attractions that attract the attention of tourists and visitors in the Turkish “Yalova” during the winter are the areas that are famous for their hot mineral springs, on top of which is the village of “Termal”, which is described as “a destination for tourism lovers in the arms of nature.”

 The village of “Termal” was called the “thermal village” because of the availability of many baths and mineral springs that can be visited, of which is watered from the springs of the famous “Termal Hill”. These mineral springs have distinctive therapeutic benefits for many diseases, especially skin diseases, they are considered an important tourist destination in the winter season.

 Fans of the Turkish city, “Yalova”, can also go to visit its other tourist places and enjoy its beauty in the cold season, namely: Chanargık area, Sodoshan Türkiye – Yayla Heights – Dipsiz Gol Lake, and other distinctive tourist places in “Yalova”.

 Meteorology expects sporadic snowfalls to continue in most Turkish states until the end of this week, in conjunction with a full mobilization of all medical and service agencies to provide all that is needed, whether for the original residents of the cities or even for tourists from various Arab and Western countries.