With numbers and since 2021: an unprecedented recovery in the real estate sector in Turkey

Yalova yatırım Investment real estate مبيعات العقار في تركيا الاستثمار

The real estate sector in Turkey continues to recover, achieving unprecedented results and numbers that attract the attention of businessmen and investors, who wish to invest in this sector in a very major way.

According to Omran Trk company, one of the most prominent news that came to the surface regarding the real estate market in Turkey, is that the number of Turkish cities that witnessed the sale of real estate to foreigners during 2021 increased to 70 cities.

Among those cities, “Yalova” city, located in northwestern Turkey, which is considered an important strategic area and a tourist destination, is to be added to the list of important cities in Turkey, where the real estate market in “Yalova” is witnessing a remarkable activity due to the many favorable and encouraging conditions for investors and those wishing to own and buy real estate in Turkey.

During the year 2021, and according to official Turkish sources, the total real estate sales in Turkey to foreigners in Turkey amounted to 58,576 properties, and the number of foreigners who bought real estate in Turkey reached 59,282 people.

One of the distinguished news that Omran Trk followed was that the number of Americans who invested in real estate in Turkey during 2021 increased by 115.2% compared to the year before 2020, when their numbers only reached 1416, according to the Turkish Statistical Authority.

According to some sources interested in the real estate sector in Turkey, foreigners prefer buying real estate in Turkey for several reasons, including investment, tourism, treatment, education, and others.

Those sources also mentioned, at the beginning of this year 2022, that Turkey topped the European countries in real estate sales in 2021, by selling about 1.5 million housing units, while the closest European country, Britain, recorded 1.3 million housing units sold.

The data of the Turkish Statistics Authority stated that the real estate sales in Turkey last year recorded the second-highest peak ever, with one million and 492 thousand sales.

Istanbul topped the Turkish cities in selling the largest number of homes with 276 thousand and 223, accounting for 18.5 percent of the total sales in the country.

In the same context, the General Directorate of the Land Registry and Real Estate Survey of Turkey announced the sale of 68,600 properties to foreigners in 2021.

The Director-General of the Land Registry and the Title Deeds (Tapu) in Turkey, Mehmet Zaki Adli, said that “Turkey is a safe port for citizens of Arab countries and the Middle East, noting that the citizens of these countries act according to the logic of “we resort to Turkey as a safe haven in case we encounter trouble in our country.”

He stated that “citizens of Iraq and Iran came at the forefront of foreigners who bought real estate in Turkey last year, followed by citizens of Russia, Britain, Germany, and Afghanistan.”

In this context, Abdulaziz Kaşifoğlu, CEO of Omran Trk Company, headquartered in Yalova, said, “For several years, Yalova has witnessed a remarkable turnout by investors to buy real estate in Yalova, given its strategic importance, its charming nature, and its proximity to other cities. Some big as Istanbul.

He added, “The Turkish government gives investors a lot of facilities, and this is one of the most important things that encouraged the recovery of the real estate market in Yalova in particular and in Turkey in general.”

Kaşifoğlu stressed that “the real estate sector in Yalova is on the way to further recovery firstly because of the importance that the Turkish government attaches to this city, and secondly because of the major real estate projects that are attracting the attention of investors and those wishing to buy real estate in Yalova.”

It is noteworthy that in the first 10 months of the last year 2021, the number of real estate sales in Turkey reached 2,410,816 properties, according to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Land Survey of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Development.

The value of the title deed fees for all sales transactions amounted to 16 billion and 690 million and 378 thousand Turkish liras (about 1.73 billion dollars).

The first 6 months of this year witnessed the sale of 552,810 properties, according to the Turkish Statistics Authority.

Furthermore, about the real estate sector in “Yalova”, buying real estate in “Yalova” has many advantages. For ordinary individuals, they can buy real estate in “Yalova” with good deals, especially since “Yalova” is currently the focus of attention of many Arabs and foreigners, and investors, who are looking for a city to live in.

There are many tourist areas in Yalova, as this area is about two hours or less from Istanbul, and about an hour from Bursa, in addition to having a wonderful view of the Marmara Sea.

The real estate sector in “Yalova” is characterized by the great demand for it by investors and businessmen, who are keen to invest in “Yalova” real estate, especially Arabs of Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaiti and other nationalities, as the Turkish government provides them with many privileges that encourage them to invest, by reducing the tax rate on real estate by 33%, and enacting many laws that enable investors to register their ownership of a real estate in Turkey.

Omran Trk company is one of the Arab companies that succeeded in leaving its mark in the Turkish society within a short period of its launch, with the testimony of a number of Arab and Turkish personalities.

It is worth noting that Turkey has recently been on the list of the best tourist and investment destinations on the European continent and the world, as it has attracted tourists and investors from different countries, especially Arab countries, due to the fertile investment environment it provides and the various tourist destinations and the natural places it contains. Yalova is the best option, as it comes at the fore in the states, fulfilling all of those conditions.

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