Turkish citizenship through ownership in 6 steps

Turkish Citizenship


Turkish citizenship acquired the attention of many investors around the world, especially the citizens of many countries in the Arab region who are looking for many facilities in their travel and their movements, even some kind of commercial openness for their business.

Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

There are 6 different options for obtaining Turkish citizenship, but buying a property is the fastest and easiest way to obtain Turkish citizenship. Anyone who buys a property such as an apartment, workplace, or any other type of real estate with a value of at least $250,000 can start the application process by going to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Title Deed.

After submitting the application to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Title Deed, real estate experts check the purchased property if its value is $ 250,000 or not.

If no obstacle is found, the General Directorate of Land Registry and Title Deed agrees to start the citizenship process within 3 to 7 days.

After obtaining this approval, one will go to the Immigration and Passports Office and apply for a residence permit, and it is possible to obtain a residence permit on the same day.

Candidates submit the application after the residence permit and approval of the citizenship application, to the General Directorate of Turkish Civil Registration and Citizenship.

The advantages of Turkish citizenship.

Turkish citizenship has a good global status, as Turkish passport ranked between 36 and 39 in the world. There are also many advantages of Turkish citizenship that people rarely notice.

 The most important of which are: the possibility of obtaining an E2-class America from some countries with which it’s bound by friendship or trade including Turkey.

What are the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Generally, it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship and the Turkish passport through many ways like what falls under the investment clause, in addition to other cases in which Turkish citizenship is acquired.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

 For obtaining Turkish citizenship, there are conditions that must be met in the property:

  • That the value of the purchased property estate is of $ 250,000 and more, or its equivalent in Turkey currency.
  • Registering the property legally in the land.
  • The property must be purchased from a Turkish person or a Turkish construction company.
  • Foreigners are also required to obtain a real estate appraisal report approved by the Turkish government.

Conditions that must be met by the buyer of the property.

  • The buyer of the property must be adult.
  • Turkish citizenship is granted to each of the property owner, his wife and children under the age of 18.
  • The buyer is obligated not to sell the property for 3 years from the date of purchase.

Companies that impose Turkish citizenship

The idea of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership is among the best, fastest and most feasible methods. It combines having a home in Turkey with the opportunity to live in a sophisticated and civilized country. Add to that the possibility to benefit from the property.

Omran TRK Company, is an Arab model to follow

One of these companies is Omran TRK, which is located in Turkey and is considered one of the largest real estate investment companies in Yalova city.

Facilities for acquiring Turkish citizenship

Facilities for acquiring Turkish citizenship through real estate. The chairman of the Board of Directors of the OMRAN TRK real estate company said that the Turkish government recently approved new legislation that facilities the process of real estate ownership and made the path to obtaining Turkish citizenship easy and paved.

As the Turkish government reduced the conditions for obtaining it, after it required one million dollars that was become only 250 thousand dollars. The company is also characterized by the speed of construction and give its clients the Turkish citizenship after purchasing through the real estate company.   

   So, giving the clients the Turkish citizenship after purchasing is regarded one of the most important priority in Omran TRK real estate company.

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