Turkey’s biggest real estate issues and solutions

Every investment industry in the world, including the real estate market in Turkey, has issues and obstacles, but even those issues and challenges can be resolved or avoided by investors.

By depending on a real estate development firm, such as the “OmranTRK” company, which is based in “Yalova,” we will be able to avoid the most significant of these issues, as we will describe in this article.

Real estate fraud, business scammers, and organizations lacking credibility and confidence in Turkey’s real estate market are just a few of the issues that can arise when purchasing a property there.

Another issue is the potential for the property to not be systematically listed in the real estate registry, which would require the buyer to pay fines and other costs to legally establish the status of the property. However, some businesses, like “OmranTRK” company, which is dedicated to its clients from the moment the project is viewed, can follow this issue. Alternatively, the dwelling until the delivery of the title deed (Tapu).

The state of instability of the Turkish lira’s exchange rate against hard currencies is one of the things that worries investors and is seen as a problem for them. “OmranTRK” assures its clients that there is no need for concern and fears in this regard, particularly since the real estate sector, whether in 2022 witnessed an unprecedented recovery, and also in the current year 2023 will continue this recovery and improvement in real estate prices in Turkey, given the robust economic situation, the volume of exports and commerce with Western and Arab nations, as well as the developed tourism industry, which is seeing an impressive turnout, all of these are thought to be stabilizing factors for the Turkish real estate market.

However, lack of knowledge and experience with the procedures for purchasing real estate in Turkey, whether for purposes of residency, obtaining Turkish citizenship, or for any other purposes, are among the issues that investors run into. However, by relying on a reputable and knowledgeable party in this field, this issue can be avoided, and as we have mentioned, the “OmranTRK” team works to ensure that the customer is aware of all the procedures related to the purchase.

The issue of maintenance and repair is one that Turkish property owners and investors must deal with because it can be difficult to preserve your property. As a result, the investor must regularly maintain and repair the housing unit, whether it’s before he rents out the apartment or even after the tenant vacates.

Which keeps the property always in excellent condition because the accumulation of small issues leads to larger ones in the end. The “OmranTRK” company is particularly concerned about this issue in its residential units and typical apartments that it works to deliver to its customers of different nationalities and advises that taking care of the property is what reduces any future maintenance issues, in addition to taking care of any other issues that they might face. 

OmranTRK further counsels all investors to confirm that they are doing business with a reputable organization or agency and that it is in possession of the title documents to the property that is being offered for sale.

The person who wants to purchase the property must also go through a number of steps, the most crucial of which is visiting the property and inspecting it in person. If it is possible to confirm the veracity of the images used for advertising and promotion, investors can also add any additional requests they deem significant and guarantee their rights to the sale contract that is reached with the real estate company.

Those looking to purchase real estate in Turkey must enquire about the caliber of all brands and materials used in construction and finishing, including ceramics used in wet floors, soundproofing, walls that regulate humidity, heating, wallpaper, kitchen and bathroom furniture, and sanitary ware, and other matters.

“OmranTRK” advises its clients and anyone who decides to invest in real estate in Turkey to choose the city in which he or she will buy and the region in that city according to their buying purposes, whether it is for a residence or an investment, and then to investigate the possibility of buying in it, because some cities and regions provide specific building proportions.

For foreigners, the next step is to look for opportunities for the region’s development and price growth in the future. Among these Turkish cities is “Yalova,” which is undergoing urban development and has facilities provided by the Turkish government for investors, making it a popular destination for those looking to start investing in the real estate sector.

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