The University of Yalova … An important Turkish monument that increases the importance of the city.

Yalova University

A unique strategic location characterizes the Turkish city of “Yalova,” as it is in the middle of three major cities in Turkiye (Turkey): Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmit.

Its privileged location enables it to reach Istanbul within about one hour, whether by land or sea, as well as the states of Ankara, Bursa and Izmit, where it takes a few hours to reach, which makes the settlement in Yalova comfortable and away from the crowds of major cities.

Many different services and facilities characterize the Turkish “Yalova”; in terms of education, there are local, Arab and Western schools, in addition to the presence of an educational university, which is the second largest university after “Marmara” University in Turkey, which is “Yalova University.

Yalova University

It is one of the Turkish public universities located in the city of “Yalova.” It was founded on May 31, 2008. The “Yalova Institute” for vocational training, which was associated with Uludağ University, is the cornerstone of the establishment of Yalova University.

After the declaration of the “Yalova” region as an independent province, the need for the presence of a university in the area arose. Despite the university’s modernity, it is considered one of the most important universities in Turkiye (Turkey) due to its reliance on modern educational methods. The university also contains an extensive library rich in knowledge and literary books and many Important areas, in addition to many laboratories and sports stadiums; in addition to that, the language of instruction at the university is Turkish and English.

In a short time, Yalova University became a competitor with well-established universities, aiming to have leading departments and great cooperation relationships with national and international universities.

This university increased the importance of the city of “Yalova.” Attention began to turn to it from various Arab and Western nationalities because of the desire for investment, tourism, and, most notably because of, education, in addition to the noticeable interest of the Turkish government in the city of “Yalova,” both in terms of education or in terms of facilities provided to encourage investment and stability there.

Yalova University is also considered one of the modern universities rapidly growing and developing with its business, successes and advantages. It stormed the prestigious university racing circuit in a short period.

The university aims to be a pioneer soon, with its technical and social departments, educational experts and administrative team, and strong relationships locally and internationally.

Departments of Yalova University

The university has eight faculties, five vocational institutes, and two technical institutes and has 950 employees and 15,000 students.

During the past two years, the university opened its doors to international students wishing to study in Turkiye (Turkey), plus it has been planned that the university will double the number of international students enrolled in it in the coming years, given the great harmony between Turkish students and international students.

The university’s academic level is very high, as 90 universities in Turkey have specializations similar to those of Yalova University, which occupies 23rd place among them.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law at Yalova University ranks 15th among the 167 faculties of law in Turkey and the TRNC.

The study duration is four years, with an average of 8 semesters.

There are four lecture halls, each with a capacity of 208 students, in addition to holding bachelor’s courses there.

All details related to the Faculty of Law can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Teaching is conducted in accordance with international standards, based on academic competencies and expertise equipped with modern knowledge and skills. It seeks to compete with other economics and administrative sciences faculties in Turkiye (Turkey).

The college has five floors, and some halls can accommodate about 200 students.

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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The college has about 420 students and about 33 faculty members.

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College of Islamic Sciences

In it, religious sciences are taught: “Qur’an reading and recitation, Islam, history of sects, Islamic law, interpretation, hadith, Arabic language and rhetoric, principles of belief and worship, law and morals of this Islamic religion.

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College of Engineering

It includes the following departments: Computer Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Communication Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Polymer Engineering, in addition to Power Systems Engineering.

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College of Health Sciences

Its staff consists of two professors, five doctoral faculty members, two lecturers, and three research assistants.

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College of Art and Design

The college aims to teach students design skills and professional equipment and develop applied knowledge in this field.

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College of Mathematical Sciences

It concerns the sports industry, entertainment, sports facilities, sports marketing and economics. It aims to make its graduates pioneers with competence in decision-making, creativity and problem-solving skills.

All details related to the College of Mathematical Sciences can be found by clicking on the following link:

Faculty of medicine

It is fully equipped with modern medical equipment, and the study period is six years.

Features of Yalova University

Although the university is young, it is considered one of the most important universities in Turkey.

  • Provide modern educational methods for students and teachers with a new grading system.
  • The university has an extensive library rich in knowledge and literary books, equipped with rooms and an area on two floors for study and reading, with a portal for e-books.
  • It contains many laboratories equipped and designated for each department, in addition to sports clubs and stadiums.
  • It includes institutes for students that guarantee their learning of multiple languages ​​and teaching Turkish and English.
  • It is considered one of the universities whose students find jobs quickly, as it has an agreement with more than 40 international universities to work together.
  • It is characterized by a “practical safety system,” which is the first of its kind in Turkey, as the university secures work for students of professional sections; that is, when the student finishes the vocational area, his work will be ready.
  • Recently, Yalova University received its students and met with them in the orientation meeting, as well as the university’s new president before the semester of the new year 2022-2023, Professor Dr. Mehmet Bahçekapılı.

The dean of the university Professor Dr. Mehmet Bahçekapılı

Who is the new dean of the university?

  • He was born in 1978 in Yalova, Turkey.
  • He graduated from Dokuz Eylül University School of Theology in 2001 to be the best.
  • In 2001, he represented Turkey in the “Youth Meeting of Islamic Countries” organized by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • He studied the language in England from 2001-200.
  • He completed his master’s degree in 2005 and his doctorate in 2010.
  • He received the titles of Associate Professor in 2014 and Professor in 2019.
  • He worked as Executive Director and Researcher on two different European Union projects on religious education in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, England and Sweden.
  • He received awards from state institutions for his work, including the “Science Award” in the field of education at the World Conference on the Disabled in 2018.
  • He chaired many conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Published a Journal in the Turkish Religious Education Research 2016, it focuses on religious education policies in Turkey and Europe, curricula and syllabuses of religious culture and ethics, elective spiritual courses, models and approaches to religious education, values ​​education, and Islamic education.
  • He has books, articles and papers in various fields of religious education, such as religious education and its models.
  • Mehmet Bahçekabili was appointed as the President of Yalova University by the decision dated April 7, 2022, and No. 2022/132, which was published in the Official Gazette on April 08, 2022, signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Yalova University and OmranTrk Company

It is interesting to note that “OmranTrk” projects are located close to the Yalova University campus, as the university is about 15 minutes from the “Cennet Yalova” project, and the “Al-Morouj” project is only 7 minutes away, which confirms the importance of These real estate projects are for investment due to their proximity to the most important university in the city, in addition to the projects’ proximity to other services, health and educational facilities.

It is noteworthy that the “OmranTrk” company is keen to choose its housing projects near service, health and even tourist facilities to provide its residents and visitors with all the necessary services.

It is worth noting that the “OmranTrk” company, with its projects in “Yalova,” most notably the “Cennet Yalova” project, drew the attention of investors and businessmen from various Arab countries.

OmranTrk, represented by its management and working team at Yalova, is also interested in participating in many activities and events in support of the Turkish economy or any other commercial and tourism activity, in addition to its participation in national affairs, humanitarian and cultural events and other activities in the Turkish “Yalova.”

Alaa Shaher