The most prominent camping area in “Yalova” Turkey

The most prominent camping area in “Yalova” Turkey

“Yalova” in northwestern Turkiye (Turkey), is one of the most prominent tourist areas, suitable for camping activities, and one of the most desirable and preferred places for many to spend weekends there.

These camping areas in the city attract the attention of many camping lovers, as they are suitable for visiting and camping in all seasons, and that’s why people frequently ask about the locations and the details of these places in “Yalova“.

Yalova” contains many areas, usually hidden in the forest next to a waterfall or lake, and many preferred camping areas for individuals, who want to relax and escape the city, the crowd, and the noise.

The following are the most prominent camping areas in “Yalova“, according to what was translated by “OmranTrk“, citing Turkish sources:


Gökçe. Dam camping area:

Activities such as hiking, scenic walks, photography, and cycling can be done in this area, which is a very suitable area for camping and picnics in tents and caravans.

This area is located 12 km from the center of “Yalova” in “Termal”.


The camping area of ​​Harmenkaya Nature Park:

Camping enthusiasts can visit Harmankaya Nature Park, where it is possible to enjoy camping and have a relaxing picnic.

This area is characterized by the presence of service facilities in addition to the viewing area of ​​the landscape and cottages, a restaurant, a playground, and a car park. This area, about 20 km from the city center of Yalova, is located in the Termal region. 


Erikli waterfall camp: 

 One of the essential areas for camping in “Yalova,” is among the waterfalls and streams in this area. This area also includes service facilities, restaurants, cafes, markets, picnic areas, and parking lots. This area, about 22 km from the center of “Yalova,” is located in “Çınarcık.”


Yalova Urban Forest Camping Area

is suitable for camping, picnics, and service facilities. This area, which is 31 km from the center of Yalova, is located next to Karlık Plateau, Küçük Dipsiz Lake, Delmece Plateau, and Erikli Waterfall.


The bottomless lake camping area

It is possible to camp in nature around this lake, considering the lack of services and service facilities in this area is advised.

 This area is located in the middle of Erikli Waterfall, Yalova City Forest, and Karlık Plateau; this area is 35 km from the city center.


Delmece plateau camping area

It is considered an area with a perfect view, in addition to the availability of service facilities and markets near the area.

It is located 40 km from the center of Yalova, in Selimiye, and near the district of Armutlu.

The village of “Termal” is described as one of the most beautiful places near Yalova, an important tourist destination for many tourists, about 12 km from the center of the town of Yalova. It is famous for its archaeological baths with hot springs and mineral water, with temperatures ranging between 55 to 65 degrees Celsius.

Among the distinctive and popular activities for Termal tourists and visitors are watching the historical parts of the town and its natural and heritage landmarks. Tourists can also roam with their families or friends in all the streets of Termal and learn about the people, customs, traditions, and heritage.

Everyone who visits Termal will advise their friends and fellow tourists to try the taste of authentic Ottoman coffee with hazelnuts in one of the cafes inside the village, which are distinguished by reasonable prices and open spaces that emerge with nature.

The parks in Termal are suitable for picnic and barbecue parties, in addition to all the activities mentioned above.

Camping in Turkey

In the past few years, many Turkish towns have established camping camps, including  Yalova, where various nationalities and nature lovers resort to escape the hustle and the noise.

Camping sites vary throughout Turkiye (Turkey), and visitors can practice their hobbies, from surfing to cycling to fishing to climbing, along with meditation and discovering new hobbies during their visit.

Those wishing to practice this hobby need many “camping tools,” the most important of which are:

  • A camping bag.
  • A sleeping bag.
  • A flashlight.
  • A tent (must be durable and blocks various weather conditions).
  • A camping chair (an essential element for sitting and relaxing).
  • A small grill.
  • Garbage bags (to keep the camp clean).
  • First aid bag.
  • Fishing rod (for camping near lakes).

One of the most prominent features of camping is that it is a practical and great experience in all seasons and throughout the year. Since camping during the winter season has its taste, when the landscape and the view are entirely different from the summer, from the mountains and trees covered in white to the frozen lakes and rivers to the taking off their leaves, this is what distinguishes Yalova and its camping places during the cold season.

Camping lovers can pair hobbies in the summer, which also has its taste in terms of other activities during camping, such as hiking, swimming, biking, surfing, and relaxingly enjoying the beauty of nature.

During the camping period, we advise following many preventive measures and safety precursors to ensure safer camping, such as taking caution while setting the campfire to avoid any forest fires, taking into account a safe distance between one tent and another to prevent any fire from spreading and reaching the neighboring tent if it breaks out.

 Considering cooking outside and avoiding any gas leakage from the cooking stove and not cooking inside the tent, ensure the furnace’s safety before camping. Concerning safety and security, and ensuring the quality of all camping tools before leaving.

It is noteworthy that the most characteristic of the camping experience for tourists in Turkiye (Turkey) is its low economic cost. However, it leaves many pleasant memories for everyone who tries it, according to many sources that talk about the camping hobby in different parts of Turkiye (Turkey). 

Camping lovers are not only satisfied by just staying in their tents relaxing; many camping camps are established with open spaces for socializing and many other activities.

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