The Ministry of Sports and Youth organizes a tourism program to the most important landmarks of “Yalova” in Turkiye

The Ministry of Youth and Sports in Turkey organized a trip for a group of young travelers of nearly a thousand individuals who are passionate about travel and exploration and hosted them in the “student housing” in “Yalova“.

Turkish sources, including “Anadolu Agency”, stated that nearly a thousand young people came to “Yalova“, and benefited from the opportunity of free accommodation in the facilities of the General Directorate of Credits and Dormitories, which the Ministry of Youth and Sports launched throughout Turkiye.

The sources indicated that the group enjoyed the sea, the heat, and the charming nature atmosphere that characterizes Yalova.

The attention of the guests who love to travel focused on the areas of “Çınarcık”, one of the coastal areas of Yalova in Turkey, and Termal, which is famous for its healing water springs and natural beauty.

The group expressed their happiness during their stay in “Çınarcık”, noting that they are university students and have significantly benefited from this visit to “Yalova” and exploring its most prominent landmarks.

They added that “Yalova” is a very beautiful place and that they are exploring it for the first time, emphasizing, “We must travel and learn about the sights all over Turkiye.”

The group’s members said that the accommodation staff was very friendly, and the rooms are clean, indicating their desire to conduct similar visits to “Yalova” in the coming years.

The project to host Turkish youth, especially students were launched on July 15. Since then, they have started receiving many requests and hosted students from all over Turkey.

The organizers of this project confirmed that the young students expressed their great admiration for the areas of Çınarcık and Termal, expressing their desire to revisit them.

The group leaders emphasized that this project of the Turkish Ministry of Sports and Youth allowed them to learn more about “Yalova“, noting that “the natural beauty of the city is amazing”, while others asked that the project should be implemented again in the coming years as well.

Turkish sources quoted the director of inclusive housing, “Veysel Yeşilurt”, saying, “The free accommodation period, has been raised from 3 days to 5 days by the ministry.”

Regarding the group’s opinions about the service tourism project, Yeşilurt explained that “The opinions came as follows: “It is an excellent program”, “We support the continuation of this project”, “Thanks to this application”, and “Our youth have the opportunity to see the beauty of our country”, and we see that the all members of the group feel very satisfied with the project.

The same source pointed out, “When you look at the hotels, the price starts from 800 pounds per night, but our young people can find free accommodation in our dormitory (student housing), or they would not have such an opportunity.”

Çınarcık where the project site is located is considered one of the most important summer resorts in Turkiye and a destination for tourists in the summer. It is characterized by its picturesque nature and distinctive tourist attractions, which made OmranTrk company choose its project in this charming region.

The village of “Termal”, is famous for its hot mineral springs, and it is described as one of the most prominent tourist places near the city of “Yalova” in northwestern Turkiye, which is only about 15 minutes away.

 It’s called “Thermal Village” due to the availability of many mineral baths and springs that can be visited, the waters of which are irrigated from the well-known “Termal hill” springs.

It is worth noting that the population of “Yalova” is about 170,000 people. It is characterized by its unique view of the Marmara Sea, in addition to the presence of many luxury homes (villas) that are stationed on the coastal strip of the state. Among the most prominent of these real estate projects in the city, there is the “Cennet Yalova” project. ” Established by “OmranTrk Company” in Yalova.

The state of “Yalova” is also characterized by the great demand for Arab investors, due to its location overlooking the sea and the green spaces, and for this, the Turkish government pays great attention to that region to make it a destination for all investors and businessmen from different Arab countries and Western countries, giving them the necessary facilities to launch their projects and settle in the country.

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