The management of “Omran Trk” meets with the head of the Yalova Chamber of Commerce and discusses with him the investment files


Important files on the meeting table that brought together the administration of “ Omran Trk ” with the president of the Yalova Chamber of Commerce

The management of ” Omran Trk” real estate company, headquartered in the city of “Yalova” in northwestern Turkey, continues to open channels of communication with the economic, industrial and commercial authorities in Turkey in general and in “Yalova” in particular, with the aim of expanding the scope of its work and relations to serve it’s investment projects that are attracting the attention of many people Inside and outside Turkey.

In the latest developments related to the real estate company’s activities, “Abdülaziz Al-Kashef”, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Omran Trk” Real Estate Company, made an important visit to the Chamber of Commerce in the city of “Yalova”,  which he met with its Chairman, “Tahsin Bijan”.

This visit received an unprecedented welcome from the Chairman of the “Yalova Chamber of Commerce”, as it is considered the first of its kind, in addition to the fact that it comes to deepen and strengthen relations between the management of the “Yalova Chamber of Commerce” and the ” Omran Trk ” real estate company.

The head of the Yalova Chamber of Commerce praised the real estate projects that were established and still are by the “Omran Trk” real estate company, expressing his great admiration for those projects that resonated positively throughout “Yalova”, which has become the talk of the Turkish street in the city.

The Chairman of the Yalova Chamber of Commerce also expressed his hope that there will be other successful projects not only in the real estate sector, but also in the fields of industry, trade and other fields, stressing his absolute confidence that Omran Trk Company will achieve similar successes in these areas.

In turn, “Abdülaziz Al-Kashef” stressed to the President of the “Yalova Chamber of Commerce” his deep thanks to all official public and private authorities, for the facilities they provide to support “Omran Trk” projects, noting that “the entire company’s staff will be at the good expectations of the residents of Yalova and  its officials.

Al-Kashef added that Omran Trk’s goal is to supply the Turkish economy, which is growing day after day, with important investment projects, in addition to supporting the real estate market and the tourism sector through these projects.”

“Al-Kashef” pointed out that “the ambition of (Omran Trk) will not stop at this point, but will continue to work with successful and deliberate steps in confirmation of its slogan, which it raised since the beginning of the company establishment, which is (successful investment in the Paradise of the Earth Yalova).”

After the meeting, Al-Kashef toured the rest of the Yalova Chamber of Commerce departments, and met with the number of chamber members who welcomed Al-Kashef’s visit and its importance, reflecting on the investment, economic and commercial projects in the coming days.

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