The inauguration of the largest residential project “My First Home” in Turkey .. these are its most prominent details.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan participated in laying the foundation stone for the largest housing project in the history of the Turkish Republic, which bore the name “My First Home, My First Workplace”, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, and the Collective Housing Administration (TOKI).

The foundation stone laying ceremony for the largest residential or real estate project in Turkiye (Turkey) was held in the “Sincan” area of ​​the Turkish capital, Ankara.

In a speech, Erdogan said, “Through the recent campaign that we launched (the recent housing project), we raise the number of houses we provide to citizens through the Housing Corporation to two million.”

He explained that the number of housing units established by the Housing Corporation until the “Justice and Development” party came to power in 2002 was 43,000.

He continued, “We raised this number to more than one million and 170 thousand.” He explained that the number of citizens applying to the aforementioned housing project approached 8 million people.

Besides President Erdogan, Vice President Fuat Oktay, Vice President of Uzbekistan Sardor Umurzakov, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murat Kurum and President of TOKİ Omer Bulut participated in the inauguration ceremony.

And 3 sub-titles were allocated to the real estate project in Turkiye (Turkey): my first home, my first place of work, and land for my first home.

The government aims to build 500,000 housing units, 250,000 buildable lands, and 50,000 workplaces in all states, within a period not exceeding 2028.

The social housing project will provide an opportune/ity for Turkish citizens to live in 81 states, using the (2+1 and (3+1) apartments system. 250 thousand social housing units will be built, 100 thousand residential plots will be provided, and 10 thousand industrial sites will be Construction of 50,000 social housing units, mostly in Istanbul.

A total of 10,000 industrial sites will be established in 28 provinces, 100 in Ankara, 500 in Adana and 700 in Izmir.

Submission of applications for registration on the “My First Home” project began through Ziraat Bank and HALK Bank branches and through the e-government portal E-DEVLET, between September 14, 2022, and ends on October 31, 2022.

Applications will be submitted on the basis of the project, regardless of the type of housing (2 + 1 and 3 + 1), and the housing types of the beneficiaries will be determined by “withdrawing the housing determination”, noting that the application fee is 500 TL.

Several categories will be accepted: “Families of Martyrs, Families of Terror Victims, War Victims and the Disabled”, “Citizens with a disability of at least 40%”, “Pensioners”, “Young citizens between the ages of 18 and 30”, “ other potential buyers”

The information on the number, total, net and price of housing will be complete after the project’s launch, the list of independent divisions and the sales prices are well known, and a “housing determination” fee will be drawn for owners of basic rights on the date determined by the administration.

With the project “My first home, my first place of work”, Citizens, will be able to live peacefully in their solid and secure earthquake-resistant homes. The local and horizontal architecture will be preferred in the dwellings within the scope of the project, and the dwellings will be built with no more than five floors. The houses, where environmentally friendly building materials will be used, will be built in harmony with zero waste, energy efficiency and renewable energy systems.

House prices range according to state and area, starting with monthly installments that do not exceed 2000 Turkish liras with a maturity period of up to 240 months, and they are sold with a 10 percent down payment of the house price.

Homes will be in 81 states and land will be in 7 districts. Most of the housing will be built in Istanbul with 50 thousand houses, 18 thousand houses in Ankara, 12 thousand and 400 in Izmir, 10 thousand in Gaziantep, and 8,650 in Bursa.

One of the most prominent features of the apartments is that they are designed with appropriate local and engineering standards, and the buildings do not exceed 5 floors, are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, made of environmentally friendly materials, with a renewable energy system.


What are the conditions for applying to the TOKİ project?

• The applicant should be a Turkish citizen.

• To be residing within the borders of the state in which the project is located, provided that its period is not less than one year, or to be registered in the Soul Department of the state in which the project is located.

• He did not obtain a house in the past from the Housing Development Department, and he did not use a housing loan from the administration, with the exception of: families of martyrs and war-wounded, widows, divorced women, and orphans.

• The absence of a separate property or a house within a building, or a separate house, registered with a title deed for him or his wife or children who are under guardianship, with the exception of fields, vineyards, gardens, village houses, and workplaces.

• Those who have completed 25 years of age are entitled to apply for an apartment from the project, with the exception of the work condition: widows who have children.

• The family’s monthly income should not exceed 6,500 Turkish liras (the total monthly net income of the applicant and his wife/husband, children under his guardianship, including food, transportation, etc.), and for Istanbul, the income must not exceed 7000 Turkish liras per month.

• It is not possible for more than one individual to apply for real estate in the project, one application on behalf of the husband, wife and children under guardianship.

TOKI Projects in Yalova, Turkiye (Turkey):

In addition to the rest of the Turkish cities, 60 housing units have been allocated in the “Altinovia” area in the Turkish city of “Yalova“, and 740 housing units in the “Yalova Center” Kazemi neighborhood, and the application period ends on October 31, 2022.

Documents required after winning the lottery:

Buyers whose housing is determined by drawing lots will carry out the transactions of signing the contract of sale of real estate in the bank (the branches on which the contract will be signed will be announced) on the dates specified and announced by the administration.

At the stage of signing the contract, buyers need the following documents:

• A housing document that proves that the applicant has resided in the state in which the project is located for a period of no less than one year.

• Income documents that prove that the family income does not exceed 16,000 TL (18,000 TL for Istanbul) (as of the date of application).

• Citizens with special needs need a photo identification issued by the General Directorate of Services for People with Special Needs and the Elderly, or a report by a health committee from a government hospital proving the applicant’s disability is at least 40%.

• For retirees, must present the retirement identity document they obtained from the Social Security Institution, or submit a letter explaining that they are retired.

• A copy of the ID card.

The Turkish government announced that the project would cost it 170 billion liras ($9 billion), while it did not reveal the source of finance.

While laying the foundation stone for the first 5,000 housing units, the government confirms that the first phase of this project, which includes 17 states, including Istanbul, is planned to be completed within two years.

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