“Smart Decoration” One of the most prominent features of “Omran Trk” projects in Yalova, Turkey

Yalova OmranTRK Interior Design Furnishing الديكور الذكي عمران ترك يلوا

The “Smart decoration” of apartments and residential units, is a term that is intended to use the pieces of furniture and all the details inside the apartment in more than one form and more than one function. The spaces throughout the residential unit give a distinctive character, as the designers were inspired by the idea of “smart decoration” from 3D technology and began to think of an addition to it to provide more than one function that serves the residential unit and customers who wish to own property at the same time.

The distinction in the “Cennet Yalova” project, supervised by “Omran Trk” company, headquartered in Yalova, northwest of Turkey, is not limited by strategic location only, but the distinction appears clear in the design and in the decoration of the residential units, which gives these projects a special advantage compared to any other real estate projects.

“Omran Trk” relies on what it calls “smart décor”, meaning that it exploits all the details and even the small spaces in any housing unit, which has been highly admired by its customers.

“Omran Trk” confirms that it is fully prepared to provide “interior design services” in a modern and smart way, with the best quality and the most appropriate prices.

The customers can receive the residential unit fully furnished, with any design that satisfies them, no matter how diverse and varied their views and artistic vision of interior decoration.

“Omran Trk” is keen, through its residential units, that the interior design is “modern and modern classic” type, in addition to paying attention to the design of all rooms, even children’s rooms.

Where the bedroom, for example, has a sitting area with a sea view, and the children’s rooms have a desk and can accommodate two children.

And not only that, but the “typical apartment” with a smart interior design, contains a laundry room, and a “shower cabin” in each bathroom, in addition to all that it has a kitchen with a dining table overlooking the sea.

“Omran Trk” is keen to choose a modern and elegant decor for all the housing units in its projects, especially the “Cennet Yalova” project, as it combined elegance and simplicity in the decore with the use of the latest finishes, the company is also keen to make use of the spaces in a very elaborate manner to meet all functional requirements most beautiful and simple appearance.

“Omran Trk”  also chose the designs of the hall in each housing unit in the colors of “Fashion 2021”, which focus on the use of natural materials like marble, wood, and metal, in addition to the use of bright colors that gives the illusion of expansion of the tight places with “smart décor” concept. The walls are painted in earth tones and inlaid with gold and silver colors to give a unique and elegant touch, while the hall was divided into a seating area and another dining area with the addition of various and sufficient storage units.

As for the kitchen, the colors were used in the design: white, black, and copper and care were taken that the kitchen contains a work surface and storage units with very sufficient spaces, in addition to a medium-sized dining table and the latest electrical appliances.

Moving to the children’s rooms, “Omran Trk” was keen in its design to provide an atmosphere of comfort and encouragement for the children, such as the practical studying area, designed with the appropriate lighting system, and the “bunk bed” used to provide each child with privacy and comfort and make the best use of the space.

While the “bathrooms” were designed in the latest forms of “porcelain” with very comfortable spaces and distribution, in addition to a full laundry and ironing room with all its needs.

A large number of “Omran Trk” clients, including Ms. Amira Al-Hamwi of Kuwaiti nationality, praise the designs and decorations that the company implements, and the company’s willingness to make the housing units unique and special.

On her second visit to the project after completing the purchase of a housing unit, our client from the State of Kuwait expressed her admiration for the project, the speed of completion, decoration, and interior designs.

She said, “The typical apartment in the “Cennet Yalova” project is very well organized, and the most prominent feature of it is the use of the spaces inside in a sophisticated and very organized manner in a way that you cannot lose any space in the apartment.”

Our client from the State of Kuwait stressed the importance of the interior decoration of the residential unit for any client interested in purchasing an apartment, pointing out that “Omran Trk”  is distinguished by providing distinctive interior designed residential units.

She also praised the mechanism of “Omran Trk” dealing with its clients, in terms of presenting the necessary decorations and designs for each apartment, and how the team works to advise on the distinctive design that suits all tastes.

“Omran Trk” company is one of the Arab companies that succeeded in leaving its mark in the Turkish society within a short period of its launch, with the testimony of several personalities and customers.

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