Omran TRK discusses with the Turkish ambassador in Doha the reality of investment in Turkey..

Abdulaziz Al-Kashif, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Omran TRK” Company, paid a visit to the headquarters of the Turkish Embassy in the Qatari capital, Doha, during which he met with the Turkish Ambassador, Dr. “Mustafa Kokso”.

During the meeting, a number of important issues related to the reality of investment in Turkey discussed, in addition to other files, especially the real estate sector and the economic and commercial sectors.

Abdulaziz Al-Kashef began his visit by thanking Turkey for the role it played and the efforts it made through its participation in organizing the activities of the World Cup alongside its strategic partner, the State of Qatar.


During the meeting, Al-Kashif praised the efforts of the Turkish security forces in securing stadiums and maintaining security and order along with the Qatari government.

Al-Kashef also thanked the State of Qatar, both the Prince and the People, for the efforts it made in organizing the “World Cup 2022”, stressing that it is a distinguished football event that dazzled and entertained the whole world.

Al-Kashef expressed his admiration for what the Turkish government is doing, under the directives of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to support the real estate sector and link the Turkish market with the Gulf markets in general and the Qatari ones in particular.

He pointed out that the Turkish real estate market is witnessing a great turnout, particularly from Gulf investors, indicating that the figures issued by Turkish official and even media bodies confirm the volume of development witnessed by this sector, in addition to the expected recovery, especially in the next year 2023.

During the meeting, they discussed the future of Arab investment in Turkey, specifically in the real estate sector, and ways to enhance and develop decisions to give Arab investors more facilities to raise the volume of investment in the Turkish real estate market.

Al-Kashef expressed his gratitude for the important role played by the Turkish Embassy in Qatar and the Turkish Ambassador, Dr. Mustafa Kokso, in strengthening relations between the two countries in all economic and political fields.

On an ongoing basis, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Omran TRK” company visits important Arab and Turkish personalities, with the aim of strengthening cooperation in the economic, commercial and tourism sectors, and with the aim of opening channels of communication and networking in order to advance the real estate sector in Turkey. “Omran TRK” entered the real estate investment market from its widest doors, to be able, within a very short period, to draw attention to its projects, which are a golden opportunity for investors in this field, due to the offers and facilities it provides to its customers at the same time, to be thus the leading company that Its success started from the state of “Yalova”, and it is an example to follow in the real estate world.

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