“Omran TRK” discusses with the most important businessmen and investors projects that support tourism in “yalove”


 Turkish “yalova” .. “Omran TRK” is looking to unify efforts and joint work between the most important businessmen and investors.

 A delegation from the Turkish Association of Independent Industrialists and Businessmen (MUSIAD), headed by Adam Saruhan, visited the sales office of the “Cennet Yalova” project of the Omran TRK real estate company, which is based in the city of “Yalova” in north-western Turkey.

 The visit, which lasted about 4 hours, was described as “important and strategic”, as it included a number of real estate company managers and managers of other companies, in addition to the most important businessmen in Yalova.

 During the visit, they discussed investment projects and future work plans that will be implemented on the ground in Yalova, in partnership and coordination between the most important investors and businessmen, and between the management of the “Omran TRK” company, whose real estate, investment and tourism projects have drawn the attention of a large number of interested people in these sectors.  , whether inside “Yalova” or even those interested in it from outside Turkey.

 The management of the “Omran TRK” real estate company, represented by “Abdulaziz Al-Kashef”, who is the chairman of its board of directors, revealed a huge project being prepared in the city of “Çınarcık“, which is one of the most important tourist sites in “Yalova”.

 Al-Kashef stated to the delegation of businessmen and investors, that this project will provide unprecedented services to the residents of “Çınarcık”, tourists and all those wishing to visit it, pointing to the preparation and work on other projects aimed at revitalizing the tourism sector in “yalova”, and supporting other real estate and trade sectors as well.

 The meeting, which brought together the Omran Trk Real Estate Department with the most important businessmen and investors, aims to strengthen the relationship of investors among them, in addition to uniting efforts and working to present the most important projects in the city of Yalova, which in turn will serve the city’s residents in terms of work and employment, as well as in terms of investment.

 It is noteworthy that the “Cennet Yalova” project, which consists of 144 housing units, was launched by the “Omran TRK” company in the beginning of the year 2020 after the completion in 2019 of the also distinguished project “Al-Moruj”.

 The “Cennet Yalova” project is distinguished by its strategic location as it sits on the throne of the “Çınarcık” area, which is called the “Pearl of Marmara”, which is only one hour away from Istanbul, Bursa and Kogali, and the project’s location is characterized by its distinctive view of the Yalova coast.  And the state of Istanbul and the princesses islands in it.

 The “Çınarcık” area is one of the most important resorts in Turkey and a destination for tourists in the summer, and is characterized by its picturesque nature and its distinctive tourist attractions, which made the “Omran TRK” company choose the project to be in the arms of the charming nature.

 It is noteworthy that the “Omran TRK” real estate company in the state of “Yalova” and since its establishment in 2016, raised the slogan “Safe Investment in the heaven of the Earth”, to be the beginning with successful projects that caught the attention of investors and businessmen from various Arab countries.

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