“Omran Trk” discusses investment support with the Mayor of “Armutlu”

عمران ترك يلوا عبدالعزيز الكاشف

Today, Monday, the Arab businessman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Omran Trk” company, Abdul Aziz Al-Kashef, met with Mustafa Tokat, the mayor of the “Armutlu” region, during a visit he made to the area, which is one of the suburbs of the city of “Yalova”.

During the visit, the door was opened for acquaintance, exchange of views, and coordination in what serves the real estate sector and the future of investment in the region.

About that visit, “Al-Kashef” said: “Today we made an important visit to (Armutlu), which is described as one of the most beautiful and most important sites in the Marmara region.”

Al-Kashef added: “We had a nice conversation with Mayor Mustafa Tokat about the new investment areas.”

Regarding the main objective of that visit, Al-Kashef explained, “The visit aims to consolidate relations and open various investment fields, and it also comes in support and encouragement of investment in that region.”

“Al-Kashef” expressed his happiness with this visit, and at the same time thanked the mayor of “Armutlu” for this hosting, describing him as a “very hospitable and friendly gentleman.”

For his part, Mustafa Tokat, Mayor of Armutlu, welcomed the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Omran Trk Company, Abdul Aziz Al-Kashef.

Tokat praised the real estate projects implemented by Omran Turk in the city of Yalova, revealing that he was aware of all these projects since its inception in Yalova.

During the meeting, Tokat confirmed that they are ready to support investors and businessmen to implement their projects and investments in Armutlu.

Tokat, through the Omran Trk Company, called on all tourism lovers to visit Armutlu and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.

And from time to time, Mr. Al-Kashef makes important visits to Turkish officials and personalities inside and outside “Yalova” with the aim of building bridges of communication and cooperation between the Turkish and Arab peoples, as “Al-Kashef” confirms that the visits will continue. It will expand further in the coming days.

Since its establishment in 2016, Omran Turk Real Estate Company has raised the slogan “The Safe Investment in heaven of earth”, to be the beginning with successful projects that caught the attention of investors and businessmen from various Arab countries, namely, “Al Moruj and  Cennet Yalova”.

It is worth noting that “Omran Trk” company, joined the Turkish Association of Independent Businessmen and Industrialists “Musiad” a few days ago, in the presence of a number of Arab and Turkish businessmen, and local officials, including the governor of Yalova Mr. Muammar Erol, as well as many executives of non-governmental organizations.

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