Omran Trk contributes to the reforesting campaign on the burned areas

orman yangin

In the large scale and support of the USA facing the fires, Omran Trk’s family participated in the random election campaign in which they donated 500 seedlings, to restore greenery and life to the forests of Turkey again.

This campaign was launched after the outbreak of fires in 223 forests across the Turkish states at the end of July, most notably (Antalya, Alanya, Mugla, Mersin, Adana).

Thanks to God, and the efforts of the firefighters, 217 of the fires spread in 47 Turkish states have been brought under control so that all fires were completely extinguished in early august.

In this context, the Minister of Family and Social Services, Ms. Daria Yannick, commented: “It is the day of unity. We will plant more trees to replace the burned forests, we will make Turkey’s forests more fertile than before, and we will not give the opportunity to those who want to destroy Turkey’s future, and we will support the reforestation campaign with 5,000 seedlings as a start”.

Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Kashef (CEO of Omran Trk) also expressed his regret and sadness at the fires spreading in the country, and expressed his continuous support for any efforts to put out these fires, saying that these fires also burned our hearts, and we will extend all our support to the affected states, in order to secure a future Best for Turkey.

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