Last August, “Yalova” ranked fourth among Turkish cities in real estate sales

Yalova, northwest of Turkey, continues to record outstanding numbers and results, especially in the Turkish real estate sector, compared to other major cities.

In this context, Yalova ranked fourth in terms of the number of properties sold to foreigners during August. Data from the “Turkish Statistical Authority” stated that 1,299 accommodation units were sold last August, of which 192 units were sold for foreigners.

The city of “Antalya” came first in real estate unit sales to foreigners, with 1814 accommodation units, while Istanbul came second with 1750 units.

In the third place came Mersin, with sales of 317 accommodation units; in the fourth place was Yalova, with 192 homes sold to foreigners.

Sales of houses to foreigners in Kocaeli for August reached 106 units, and in Sakarya, sales to foreigners amounted to 95 housing units.

Last August, Russian citizens bought 1,238 housing units in Turkey, followed by Iranians with 633 units, and Iraqis with 417 units in third place.

Yalova has a significant touristic advantage, as several types of tourism emerge in the city and nearby region, like natural tourism, which is suitable for lovers of relaxation and nature, and available because of the presence of green mountains and beautiful landscapes in Yalova city. 

Yalova is famous for its natural tourist places, including healing thermal waters, Çınarcık coast, exciting waterfalls, and the Dipsiz Lake, besides its unique view of the Marmara Sea to the presence of several luxury villas and chalets located on the coast.

Turkey embraces dozens of cities with different advantages that are valid for diverse tourism. One of these cities is Yalova, which has many special features that make it a favorite destination for Arab, Gulf, and Kuwaiti tourists.

The strategic location of Yalova and its proximity to major tourist cities such as Istanbul made it a more vital tourist compass and a factor of attraction, with many benefits for those wanting to buy a property in Yalova.

OmranTRK company, headquartered in Yalova, is one of the Arab companies that left its mark in Turkish society within a short time, with the testimony of several Arab and Turkish personalities.