Kuwait Turk facilities offered to Omran Trk’s clients

عمران ترك كويت ترك

With over than 431 branches across Turkey and more than a branch  internationally, “Kuwait Turk” Bank is considered one of the most dominant on  the list of Turkish banks, as well  “Kuwait Turk” Bank is one of the most important and famous Islamic banks in Turkey.

In fact “Kuwait Turk” is indentured to “Omran Trk” company.

About Kuwait Turk Bank

Kuwait Turk Bank was established in 1989, by the “Kuwait Finance House”. Kuwait Turk Bank operates in the interest-free financing sector.

And in developing banking services.

It provides services to the owners of savings and investors in a  high efficiency. Foreign and Arab clients are increasingly attracted to dealing with “Kuwait Turk” due to its interest in customers and innovative technological activities.

The Kuwaiti Turkish Bank is also ranked first among participating banks and third in the banking sector.

It is also considered a pioneer in the field of gold banking services.

Kuwait Turk new modern indigenous technology XTM service,

Enables the client to conduct his/her banking transactions in their mother tongue with both English and Arabic,

or even sign language by communicating with customer service on a video call.

You can also conduct many banking transactions without having to wait in a long queue.

Kuwait Turk services

  • Open Bank Account With Credit-Card
  •  Gold deposit, sell and buy transactions
  • Funding large or starting Project
  • loans and credits
  • investments in the stock market
  • mortgage
  • Tax and bill payment

Many of these services are available on the mobile banking application.

Kuwait Turk and Omran Trk’s correlation

Kuwait Turk bank has accompanied Omran Turk from the beginning of its journey: offering and providing a lot of  facilities and support for Omran’s projects in Yalova

As it is one of the leading banks that Omran Trk has contracted with for its banking services, the relationship that binds the two parties is a close, friendly, professional relationship, and these interconnected relationships yield prosperous results for both parties..

The bank does constant visits to Omran Trk for presenting their latest and distinguished offers that may benefit our clients.

On their recent visit to “Cennet Yalova” project, the delegation held from “Kuwait Turk” bank made a tour at the sales office and looked at the model apartment. They also expressed their admiration for the accuracy of performance and speed of implementation, and praised the high quality of the finishes of the model apartment.

Therefore; in this visit, they discussed the facilities and loans that the bank will be providing to clients of “Omran Turk” company exclusively.

Beside the discuss of the possibility to opening a bank branch in the Cennet Yalova project in the up-coming period.

The facilities offered by Kuwait Turk Bank

  • You can EASILY open your bank account at “Kuwaiti Turk” bank with our employees who speak Arabic and English, that you will not find any difficulty communicating.
  • Required documents:
  • residence permit card or passport
  • foreign ID card number
  • address document
  • a bill holding the applicant’s name
  • Mortgage: the Bank, a branch of Yalova, offers financing loans to buy housing units in “Omran Trk” projects at a rate of up to 80% for Turkish citizens and 50% for foreigners

Documents required toapply for the mortgage:

  •  A copy of the title to the property
  • BANK STATEMENT of the applicants salary

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