Istanbul.. “Omran Trk” participates in the most important conference for businessmen and investors


Omran Trk Real Estate Company participated in the opening ceremony of the fourth edition of the “Visioner 2021” conference, for businessmen and academics in Turkey, organized by the Association of Independent Businessmen and Industrialists “MÜSIAD“.

The conference was launched under the slogan “Make a Difference” aka “FarkEt”, on Wednesday, December 22nd, at the “Gulf Conference Center” in the European section of Istanbul, Turkey, with local and foreign participation.

The conference happend coinciding with the “war of economic independence” led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the ruling Justice Party, to stand up to the fierce attack on the economy and the Turkish lira.

This year’s conference discussed economic and social changes that happened in Turkey and the world, in addition to issues related to climate and digital transformation.

Omran Trk “alongside important Turkish figures

Omran Trk, represented by its chairman, Abdulaziz Al-Kashef, participated in the opening session of the conference, which was also attended by important Turkish and Arab figures, most notably: the Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa VARANK, the President of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Şekib AVDAGIC, and foreign activists, most notably, the Yemeni activist Nobel Peace Prize laureate Tawakkol Karman, in addition to members of the MÜSIAD Businessmen Association.

Also participating in the conference were Dr. Ali Taha KOÇ, Head of the Digital Transformation Office at the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Mahmut ASMALI the General Secretary of ” MÜSIAD “, ERKAN GÜL, CEO of “MÜSIAD”, Korkmaz Enes ERGUN the director of Istanbul Stock Exchange, and General Manager of Aerospace Industries Company Turkish (TUSAŞ) Temel KOTIL. Along with Mehmet Emin BİRPINAR, Deputy Minister of the Turkish Republic, Fatma SHAHIN, Mayor of Gaziantep, Mehmet Tevfik NANE, CEO of Pegasus Airlines and many Turkish company owners and businessmen, and a large group of the most important workers in the field of press and media.

It’s time to believe in Turkey and focus on the future

“It is time to believe in Turkey and focus on the future, and it is time to build our future together and realize the great experience that Turkey has gained in 20 years,” said Turkey’s Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa VARANK.

“Under the leadership of our President Erdogan, we will write a completely new growth story together, taking into account the opportunities available in the global market,” he added, according to what was translated by Omran Trk.

During the conference, Mahmut ASMALI, General Secretary of “MÜSIAD“, touched on the recent developments in the Turkish lira, and said that “the lira will return to its previous strength in the medium and long term, following the recent measures revealed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.”

Erdogan and the new economic plan

The convening of the conference also coincides with the statements made by President Erdogan, in which he affirmed that “Turkey is moving forward in achieving its desired goals for the year 2023, through a well-established and solid economic system.”

A few days ago, Erdogan said:

• Turkey will launch a new financial instrument that will allow achieving the same level of potential profits for savings in foreign currencies by keeping assets in local currency.

• We will provide a new financial alternative for our citizens who wish to reduce their fears arising from the high exchange rates.

• From now on, there will be no need for our citizens to transfer their savings from the Lira to foreign currencies, for fear of an increase in exchange rates.

• The new economic plan of adjusting the currency exchange rates in a way that suits the country’s economic reality has achieved its goal.

  • Our government is determined to protect citizens’ gains from inflationary pressures and exchange rate fluctuations.

• All citizens will be winners in the new economic plan, not just those who have deposits in banks.

• We invite everyone to participate in the process of investment, employment, production and export.

Omran Trk ” :  Our goal is to attract investments and support the economy

Commenting on the work of the “Visionaire 2021” conference for businessmen, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Omran Trk” Real Estate, “Abdulaziz Al-Kashef”, said that their participation in the conference aims to work for solidarity and unify efforts to attract investment and support the economy, in addition to employing investments In a manner that serves the Turkish economy and contributes to its growth, in line with the directives of President RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN.

Al-Kashef, indicated that President ERDOGAN invite everyone to participate in the process of investment, employment, production and export, on every occasion, adding that for this purpose, Omran Trk Real Estate is always keen to respond to those calls made by President ERDOGAN, with the aim of employing its energies and investing in serving Turkey and its economy and serving various real estate, tourism, commercial and other sectors.

On the sidelines of the conference, Omran Trk’s management met with a number of businessmen and important economic and investment figures. During the meetings, coordination took place for upcoming investment plans and projects that will contribute to supporting the growth and strength of the Turkish economy, in addition to its contribution to supporting the Turkish lira to overcome challenges and difficulties that stand in the way of Turkey’s successes.

It is worth noting that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Omran Trk” Real Estate Company, Abdulaziz Al-Kashef, joined the Turkish Association of Independent Businessmen and Industrialists ” MÜSIAD ” in early November 2021.

It is also worth saying that on May 5, 1990, the “MUSIAD” Association was established by a group of Turkish businessmen, with the aim of contributing to the development of individuals, institutions, the state, society, technology, science, economy, politics, culture and social development in the Middle East and the world.

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