Investment and real estate industry in Turkey

Investment Industry General Overview

Investment is a require to reach financial goals either for companies or individuals. The investor’s goals might be buying a house, afford going on vacations or even funding one’s retirement. investments are nowadays fundamentals sources of income, especially paying bills, living expenses or even sustaining and securing your family living statue.

How do I Make Sure my Investments are profitable?

  1. Decide which industry would you choose for your invest
  2. See how much your investment could earn based on facts and data.
  3. Keep in mind that investing involves risks and rewards.
  4. Consider safe and low-risk investing especially if a beginner.
  5. Last but not least, get professional help with your investments.
الاستثمار عمران ترك

The 7th Most popular attracting destination

Real Estate Industry Comes In The First Place When Mentioning Safe And Growing Profit.

While Turkey’s Impressive Growth Performance and Structural Reforms Implemented over the Past Decade Have Landed It on the Radar of Many International Investors. According To FDI Markets, Turkey Became The 7th Most Popular FDI Destination In Europe In 2019. The Country Was Home To 211 Projects, Enjoying A 3.5 Percent Share In All FDI Projects Across Europe, According To FDI Website.

Investment In Turkey

In turkey it takes only six days to set up a company, and the country stands out among the OECD member countries for having the most liberal legal framework in term of FDI  ,Turkey also offers investors a hospitable investment environment and friendly investment regulations.

Not to mention that turkey is ranked the 6TH holiday destinations for tourists around the world, with 51.2 million visitors in 2019, which is increasing every year.

Turkey has the world’s 17TH largest economy around the world, with leading producers of agriculture products, textile, transportation equipments and real estate industry business.

Real Estate Investment At Yalova City

Yalova as Every State In Turkey Is Unique And Special From Istanbul To  Antalya And The Rest Of The States , Yalova Comes As A Nice Calm City  Which Links Between The Istanbul From  The North To Bursa And Izmir In The South. Its Growing City With A Beautiful Nature, High Mountains And Marmara Coastal Side.

The Population Is A Mix Between Turkish And  Foreigners  From Many Different Places, With That Cultural Mix Here In Yalova City , Great Opportunities Are Popping Up Especially Real Estate Business , Great Deals Are Taken Many Projects Are Established Day By Day .

With All The Facilities Provided , Large Public Hospitals That Makes Yalova More Independent In Health Sector, Yalova University , Malls , Beaches , Thermal Baths, And Great Attracting Touristic Places.

Yalova Real Estate Sales Is Increasing Steadily, Sales Did Not Stop Despite The Covid-19 The Construction Business In Yalova Is Growing Which Was Indeed Supported By The Turkish Government

Cennet Yalova project
Cennet Yalova project

The Turkish government supports investments

While The Turkish Government Supports And Encourages Investments In Yalova And The Rest Of The Cities Of Turkey With Promise Of Sustainable And Safe Growth, Also The New Law Now Is Promising The Investor To Get The Turkish Citizenship When Investing His Money In Turkish Property Or Real Estate.

A Foreigner Can Obtain Turkish Citizenship, through buying a property of 250.000 USD total Or an Equivalent worth which is Guaranteed and confirmed by the Turkish law.

Either The Investor Prefers To Settle In Yalova City Or To Invest His Property By Renting It Is A Win –Win Deal.

Facts of real estate sale in Yalova

In Fact 170.408 Property  Were  Sold In August 2020  With  An Increasing Number Than The Previous Year 2019 Was  110.538 House That Year ,While It Have Been 105.154 House  At 2018 August,  According To These Data A Conclusion Is Drawn Clearly  To Show How Successful And Prosperous Investments Of Real Estate Business At Yalova Is Growing Continuously.

الاستثمار عمران ترك