In celebration of national Afforestation Day. “Omran Trk” is present to support tree planting in “Yalova”

Omran Trk Real Estate Company, represented by its chairman, the Arab businessman Abdul Aziz Al-Kashef, participated in the “afforestation” event of a number of forests damaged either by fires or climatic conditions, in the Turkish state, Yalova. The participation of the Omran Trk Real Estate Company team in this event, on the occasion of “Afforestation Day in Turkey”, falls on the 11th of November of each year.

Muammar Erol, the governor of Yalova state, and the mayors of the state, in addition to many Turkish institutions and humanitarian, relief, and service organizations operating in the state, participated in this event.

Omran Trk Real Estate Company contributed to supporting the green spaces in the village of  Kurtkoy, located in the state of Yalova. Commenting on his participation in this event, Abdul Aziz Al-Kashef, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Omran Trk, said: “It is very important to participate in this event with the aim of supporting tree wealth, whether in Yalova or in other Turkish states.”

He added, “This is not the first time that the Omran Trk team has participated in this event, as we have participated in previous periods and provided hundreds of agricultural seedlings in support of the planting day in Turkey.”

He continued: “We at Omran Trk care about protecting nature and its beauty, and this is what we are also keen on when choosing the appropriate sites for our real estate projects. In a number of forests in Yalova and other areas.”

Alongside the event, “Abdul Aziz Al-Kashef” met with “Muammar Erol,” the governor of the state of “Yalova.” During the meeting, a number of important topics were discussed, on top of which is supporting tree wealth, increasing interest in forests, and providing all the necessary capabilities for this, as it is a major attraction for tourists and investors, in particular those interested in the real estate sector.

For his part, Muammar Erol, the governor of Yalova, thanked Omran Trk Company and its Chairman, Abdul Aziz Al-Kashef, for their participation in this event and other humanitarian and relief support campaigns in the state.

It is worth noting that the “Omran Trk” real estate company participated at the end of last July in the campaign that was launched to reforest the burned forests by donating 500 seedlings, to restore greenery and life to the forests of Turkey again. The campaign was launched after the outbreak of fires in 223 forests throughout the Turkish states, most notably (Antalya, Alanya, Mugla, Mersin, Adana).

While many governmental and private institutions and even individuals, including politicians, municipalities, artists and athletes, launched aid campaigns for burned areas, and campaigns to reforest burnt forests for a greener future.

At the time, Abdul Aziz Al-Kashef, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Omran Trk, expressed his depression and sadness as the fires spread in the country. He expressed his continuous support for any efforts to put out these fires, saying, “These fires also burned our hearts, and we will extend all our support to the affected states, in order to secure a better future for Turkey.”

Before two years, and on November 11, 2019, Omran Trk was present at the “Day of Afforestation” activities, along with the governor of the state of “Yalova” and a number of Turkish administrators in the region, where it participated in the campaign to plant the 11 million trees under the slogan “To leave to our children and grandchildren the most precious legacy.”

During this campaign, 11 million trees were planted within 3 hours, in 2023 points across the 81 Turkish states, which is a world record. Believing in the importance of protecting the natural environment.

On November 7, 2019, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that November 11 of each year as the national afforestation day in Turkey. He stressed that his government aims to plant a total of 7 billion seedlings by 2023, as part of its efforts for “a greener and more prosperous Turkey.”

It is worth noting that, since its establishment in 2016, Omran Trk Real Estate has raised the slogan “Successful Investment in Cennet Yalova”, to be the beginning with successful projects that caught the attention of investors and businessmen from various Arab countries, namely “Al Moruj and Cennet Yalova”.