In 2022… “OmranTrk” is moving steadily towards more success in “Yalova”

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At a steady and confident pace, Omran Trk Company in Yalova, northwestern Turkey, continues its path towards achieving after another, after it concluded the year 2021 with unparalleled glory and the testimony of its clients.

Because the insistence and determination to leave a clear imprint in the real estate sector within “Yalova” and throughout Turkey, “OmranTrk” has proven to be a powerful figure in the real estate sector and among businessmen and investment in Turkey, and has succeeded in building bridges of communication with many Turkish and Arab personalities.

Building real partnerships with economists and investors

OmranTrk’s ambition was not limited to this point, but extended to build real partnerships with investors and economists who wish to pump their money to invest in Turkey and support its economy in addition to supporting various other sectors, including the tourism sector, through a number of economic, investment, and tourism projects.

And in a short period of time, thanks to its board of directors represented by the Chairman of the Board, “Abdülaziz Kaşifoğlu”, and by the company’s staff in all its departments and specializations, OmranTrk has managed to attract clients of different nationalities from the Arab Gulf, Europe, and East Asia, which made its star shine in the sky of Turkey and both, Arab and Western world’s alike.

A member of MUSIAD, one of the largest economic associations

And because success is an ally for everyone who has a goal before his eyes and goes towards it, the ambitions of “OmranTrk” did not stop at achieving one goal only but continued its quest to join “MUSIAD”, the largest gathering of businessmen, money, and investment in Turkey. Indeed, and within a short period from joining this association, “OmranTrk” was able to catch the attention of its senior member economists, who praised all the projects that OmranTrk is working on and will in the future as well.

OmranTrk is present in humanitarian and national activities

In 2021, OmranTrk left its mark in humanitarian activities, from distributing Ramadan baskets to participating in the afforestation of barren lands and burnt lands, along with the celebration of Teacher and Workers’ Days.

It also had a distinguished presence in national events through participating in the commemoration of the “Martyr’s Day “, on the eighteenth of March, and participating in the anniversary of the failed coup against Turkey on the 15th of July of each year.

The children in the city of “Yalova” had a share of attention from “OmranTrk”, which devoted a large part of its time on New Year’s Eve, to organize an event, wanting to put a smile on the children’s faces and see the joy in their hearts, by distributing gifts to them, in a humanitarian activity added to its activities and effectiveness, which it is keen to implement in the Turkish “Yalova”.

“Omran Trk” draws the attention of art and media celebrities

And the echo of the successes of “OmranTrk”, the most prominent real estate developer in the city of “Yalova”, began to reach the ears of the most important media and YouTube celebrities, namely: Jalal Al, Wajdi Al-Arabi, Yahya Hawa, Hamra Al-Turki, and many others.

And the end of 2021 was no less intense than its beginning, as OmranTrk won the official sponsorship of the ” Hope Remains” concert, which was revived by the two stars, Muhammad Abbas and Mutasem Al-Asali, thus capturing the attention of its customers and captivating the hearts of many of its fans.

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The anonymous soldiers of “OmranTrk”

Behind the scenes, OmranTrk’s work team, who can be described as the “unknown soldiers”, including administrators, engineers, sales and marketing officials, in addition to workers in the accounts and logistics departments, played the greatest role and contributed to the progress and development of the work.

For this reason, the management of “OmranTrk” considers all members of its team, as true partners in its successful path, and confirms that without their efforts, the star of “OmranTrk” would not have risen throughout Turkey and the Arab world, and without it, it would not have had a prominent name in the real estate market and among men of business and money, as it constantly affirms its keenness to return the favor to them by appreciation their efforts.

OmranTrk management did not neglect to thank its team and cadre working in the company in its own way, as it organized an annual meeting during which it praised all the staff working in the company and reviewed with them the most important plans and projects for the current year 2022, in the real estate, investment, and tourism sectors.

Ongoing and upcoming projects

In the middle of all these successes, it is necessary to point out the most important achievements during the past year 2021, in terms of the projects that OmranTrk company is working on.

About 72% of the large real estate project “Cannet Yalova” has been completed and has been sold before it is ready and in its final form, which will be soon.It is noteworthy that since the beginning of the year 2020, OmranTrk has launched the ” Cannet Yalova ” project, announcing that its completion will be during the current year 2022.

With the beginning of this year 2022, OmranTrk is proud, for all its clients, and forr all businessmen and those wishing to invest in Turkey, that it will start very soon with a huge project, to be the beginning of a new start in the real estate world, with the start of the new year.

Since its establishment in 2016, OmranTrk has raised the slogan “Safe Investment in the Yalova Paradise”, to be the beginning with successful projects that caught the attention of investors and businessmen from various Arab countries, namely “Al-Morouj” and “Cannet Yalova”.

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