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Yalova city is located in the northwest of Turkey
Yalova has a strategic location because it’s near to Istanbul, and about just an hour and a half, from Bursa and one hour from Kocaeli city, and also its close to the Sapanca Lake, and also Yalova known for its beautiful natural beauty that combines the beauty of the Marmara Sea and the Green Mountains.

By buying a property that’s worth 250 thousand dollars according to the naturalization law that was issued in 2018, you will get the Turkish citizenship
Or you can do an investment of about 500 thousand dollars

After you buy a house or property in Turkey, you can extract a real estate residence permit through the title deed of the property

You can get a Turkish visa by filling in the electronic form online via this link.

Yalova University has 7 faculties
• College of low
• College of Economics and Administrative Sciences
• College of Art and Design
• College of Engineering
• College of Islamic Sciences
• College of sports Sciences
• College of Health Sciences
And It is planned to build a medical college in the coming period.

Yalova is a very suitable city for study and, and the transportation in it is easy for the students
And also the
Schools and universities are close to the city center
And yalova also contain international schools and one of the largest universities in Turkey
And the language of instruction at the university is Turkish and English.

Yalova is considered a small, safe, and cheap city compared to other Turkish cities
It is characterized by its temperate climate and it’s beautiful
And Because of its small size, it has the advantage of being easily transported in the city.
And it is located between the most important Turkish cities like (Istanbul – Bursa – Kocaeli – Sapanca)
And contains the largest Arab community compared to the rest of the Turkish cities, where there is great social diversity.

Omran TRK always aims to provide safe investment and construction of luxury homes and units.
With the highest levels of quality in residential complexes with integrated services, where we provide our customers with pre-and after-sales services that include different life services and we are always keen to always choose the strategic location and the breathtaking view.

Buying a property or group of properties with a value of $ 250,000.
– Giving the file to a Turkish lawyer to track the stages
– After making sure that the documents are completed, and submit the papers and in case of acceptance
The seven stages will begin, which normally take no more than 90 days.
– A residence permit is made for all applicants and it’s
called citizenship residency
– The applicant for citizenship is handed over the transaction number, which is considered the (password) with the customer number, which is the (username) through which he can follow the seven stages to find out where the papers are and to which stage they arrived.
– After reaching the seventh stage, notification of the end of the stages is done, and you must go to the civil status Department to obtain a Turkish passport and identity within a period of three days.

You can get the Turkish citizenship through real estate investment by purchasing an apartment or a group of apartments, with a total amount is not less than 250 thousand dollars.

Submitting and following up the procedures for Turkish citizenship to get it. After-sales services such as rental of units – resale – furnishing

First, you book an appointment at the Land Registry Department.
– All necessary papers and documents are prepared and brought on the date specified by the Land Registry Department.
– You must go on the date specified by the Land Registry Department and submit the papers and then wait for the confirmation message and then you pay the expenses that related to the transfer of property ownership.
– After paying the fees for transferring ownership of the property ownership, the property title deed extracted.

The costs are:
– Transfer fees for the property ownership “4% of the unit value” are paid to the Land Registry Department.
Annual real estate tax of 0.1% of the unit value.
– The monthly revenues of the complex for the maintenance and services of the complex.
– Contract expenses and connection of public utilities to the unit.

The expected investment return ranges between 4% to 7% annually of the unit value
An annual increase in the price of the property is expected to be 10%.

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