Essential tips and things to avoid when buying a property in Turkey

It is known that those who want to buy an apartment or real estate in Turkey are looking for most is a safe environment and stability, in addition to the real estate agent who provides them with suitable offers and useful advice.

Considering that the real estate sector in Turkey is regarded as one of the best areas for investment, the client or investor needs to avoid falling into some matters, most notably:

Not choosing the most suitable property:

The property must match the purpose of its purchase, so this matter must be determined before the search begins, and all the specifications that the property must have must be specified.

Uncertainty about the existence of the real estate appraisal:

which contains the basic information of the real estate, the real estate registry information, information on the location, transportation, and the general surroundings of the real estate, all legal notes related to the real estate, the technical specifications of the real estate, the factors affecting the evaluation during its preparation, and the approach to evaluating the specific information, Investigation and search procedures for the real estate market, the result as determined by the experts, the limits and restrictions of the property, and other appendices and notes related to the property.

Failure to complete the ownership procedures exclusively at the Real Estate Registry Department:

Any unofficial contracts or contracts issued by the notary public, the mukhtar, or other entities are “insufficient” and do not prove that the ownership of the specified property has been transferred to the buyer, so it is necessary for those who wish to own Turkey real estate, registration of the purchase transaction in the real estate department in the Turkish Land Registry.

Not asking about the real owner of the property:

Make sure that the seller of the property is the real owner of this property, by securing a copy of the property title deed and reviewing it at the Real Estate Department (Tabu Department) according to it, and verifying its information.

Neglecting to check the existence of any reservation signs or restrictions on the property:

it is recommended that you review the Real Estate Directorate and confirm the real estate evaluation report of the property. It is also necessary to request an audit of the management plan from the Real Estate Registry Directorate, which contains the rights, restrictions and debts of the owner of the main property.

Seeking a reliable real estate company:

One of the most important things while buying a property in Turkey is paying attention to a reliable real estate company, which has a great deal of advice on choosing the best residential project for investment.

Here it is worth mentioning the “OmranTrk” company, which was able to leave a clear imprint on all the customers who dealt with and who praised the projects and housing units that it working on, in addition to the efforts it is making for its customers’ trust, to succeed during a short amount of time in achieving this goal and with the testimonials of its customers.

Avoid buying real estate with an old or depreciated building: experienced people advise not to invest in a building or real estate that is more than ten years old, especially because the old buildings are built with low-quality building materials compared to modern buildings, which will be associated with future problems in construction from leakage, mold, moisture and other problems.

Among the most prominent other tips for the investor or those wishing to buy a property in Turkey:

Checking all the details of the property and their correctness, as well as from the land registry after visiting the property site, making sure of its validity and suitability for use in housing, work, or the special purpose of purchasing it, verifying the real owner of the property, and searching if there are any mortgage fees, inheritance disputes, or any obstacles on the property.

In addition to checking the real estate registry and examining all the defects in the property with its owner and adding a clause in the contract in this regard, the buyer can terminate the agreement if he finds defects that the seller covered up, and verify the eligibility of the seller or the person responsible for selling the property, in terms of owning the right to carry out the sale process and to ensure that there are no taxes owed by the owner of the property.

It should be noted that “real estate fraud” is one of the most prominent problems that those who want to buy an apartment in Turkey are exposed to, and for this, it is necessary to resort to a reliable company to avoid falling into the trap of fraudsters, as the buyer may be exposed to real estate fraud that would expose them for material losses, therefore, a real estate agency with experience and knowledge in this matter should be sought.

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