Procedures for the application of citizenship to investors
Who buy Ammar for $ 250,000
Detailed steps

1 – Procedures in the institution of the month of October
 When an investor purchases an asset, he must write on the bank’s register page when registering in the register
This term is important and should be mentioned in the Register upon purchase.
2 – Procedures to complete a request to the Directorate of souls in the city
 After completing the purchase of the property, the purchaser shall complete the application for citizenship and keep it for the identification and other documents required
After completion of the request, the Directorate completes the required liaison with the authorities.
3. A request for the state ticket will be filed with the Immigration Directorate
 After completion of the above procedures and based on the laws that are taught to grant citizenship to foreigners,
The Directorate of Immigration in order to be granted the right to life and must be the guarantor of Turkey’s income from the border crossings
With a regular passport after the Department of Immigration has completed the verification of information from the administrative authorities
The other.
4- Security research from the Tabu Directorate
 The Department of Souls and Citizens shall ensure that the price of the said building and the non-sale clause are valid for a period of three years and thereafter
The form was transferred to the Turkish Intelligence and the Turkish Police for security and political research.
5 – Period of compliance and collisions
 The form shall be sent to the Council of Ministers for the approval of the Council for approval and approval
And the application for citizenship during its periodic meetings, which is completed and after the accession, the author has been granted
Turkish Nationality.
6. Final applications
 The day ends with the completion to the Directorate of the souls and to highlight and give them the personal picture and fingerprint fingerprinting and after
The Turkish identity and the Turkish passport are granted.
7. Notes
 If the lawyer is authorized to carry out the procedures, the buyer is not required to be present in the country, but during the application
The Immigration Department can ask the Immigration Service to see the complainant
 The duration of these procedures is 6 months
 Applications for citizenship for the entire family and its members shall be completed in the same manner and in the same state.
Frequently asked questions about obtaining Turkish nationality from the investment vehicle
The Manon form of Turkish investors’ citizenship was regulated for the first time in 1917, where changes were made
Concrete on this manon on September 18, 2018 and this has become a procedure for obtaining Turkish citizenship
Easy for citizens investors.
Through these facilities, we will clarify the necessary issues for the 16-16 questions and answer
They are all that is in the mind of the investor so that it is clear to all investors
1. The first question: – What is the date on which the foreign investor must purchase the non-funded assets
Getting Turkish citizenship? Can a person who has bought a Sabra property build up a request for a permit?
On nationality?
 The answer: – In accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, the purchase of the unexpired property must be paid to its limit (250,000)
(US $) and above after the date of September 18, 2018, which is considered the date of the issuance of this law
 In order to be able to apply for Turkish citizenship for the purchaser of the purchased non-purchased property
The investor must have a taxable sum of US $ 1,000,000.
2. The second question: – Are Turkish family members receiving the Turkish citizenship?
 The answer: – The wife of the person who obtained the Turkish citizenship and his children under the age of 18 will receive the visa
Turkish Nationality
 If there is more than one wife, one of the wives is chosen and the second wife’s consent certificate is obtained
From the notary public stating that the wife’s husband has the right to receive Turkish nationality under the age of 18
 These people are excluded from these children over the age of 18, and the father and mother
Permission for a permanent homeland within Turkey.
3 – The third question: – Should I use the US Dollars for the purchase of unfinished life?
 The answer: – Foreign exchange rates issued by the Central Bank of Turkey are taken into account
Buy unallocated housing and transfer the amount to the Turkish lira.
Question 4: Does a person who has been consummated to obtain Turkish citizenship be required to have a disability in Turkey for a period of
 Answer: – Requires a person who has been consummated to obtain Turkish citizenship or citizenship
Turkish to Yemim in Turkey.
5 – Fifth question: – How to determine the day of the year of the donor to buy?
 Answer: – The date of the unexpired date is determined by the date on which the valuation date is determined by the rating company
Unlicensed buildings licensed by the Capital Market Corporation.
 To do this, the company concerned will give us an appointment within 10 days and a certificate for the building codes
Will be sent to the concerned company.
 Conducting massage on the unopened life so that it completes the photography of the interior and depicts its external surroundings
Massage it from the tabloid administration and issue a pass on the speculative sealed animal and hand it over to us.
6 – Question 6: – What is the nature of the application to obtain the nationality required to obtain a pass
Guess the days of the non-Almnmol?
 Answer: – You are selling the unearned life for 3 years and registering this in the stamp and filling the application
On Turkish citizenship through the completion of procedures in other institutions.
7 – Question 7: After obtaining Turkish nationality, when does the person sell the unmarried property?
 Answer: – Expiration of 3 years from the date of sale of the non-funded 3-year-old resident registered in
 After this period it is possible to sell the property to a Turkish or foreign person.
8 – Question 8: – Can persons who are partners in the non-exempted life be able to apply for citizenship?
 The answer: – Partners may apply for citizenship, provided that each share is
($ 250,000).
9 – Question 9: – For non-funded buildings purchased from the Atlética and paid for and will not be issued
So far, can the owner of such a building renew his application for citizenship?
 The answer: – The person does not hesitate to apply for citizenship, but if it is
The person applying for the taboo is the same person who owns the unconsolidated property, in this case
He can apply for citizenship
 In such cases, the person may be able to take legal measures to obtain the stamp.
10- Question 10: Is it possible to apply for citizenship from the owner of the sale of the non-resident
Have you bought it and owned it for the same person again?
 Answer: – Yes, the result is the purchase of unconsolidated assets on September 18, 2018.
 As the purchase of the money is not mentioned in the tax code. And in this case will return to
State fee profits
 This is the person to protect the target of the condemned, and from this area there is no problem in such
11. The eleventh question: Can a person who has Turkish nationality acquire the nationality of another country?
 The answer: – It is not necessary for a person who has Turkish nationality to leave the nationality of his country
 He can also apply for citizenship of a third country.
12 – Question 12: – For the acquisition of Turkish nationality for the vehicle deposit amount ($ 50,000)
Should this amount be deposited in Turkish Lira?
 Answer: – A person who makes a deposit (US $ 500,000) receives a loan or equivalent
In other foreign currencies or the Turkish lira in the bank account and to freeze this amount in the account for 3 years
Years of Turkish nationality, provided that such amount is deposited in one of the Turkish banks operating in the territory
Turkish and get a freezing platter this amount of sonne.
13. Question 13: Is it possible to withdraw part of the amount by depositing it and freezing it, or to pledge this amount for doubtful debts?
Getting bank loan?
 The answer: – In the case of the urine of the son this procedure without the art of freezing, it is possible that the amount will be mortgaged
Getting insured as collateral,
 If this amount is frozen, no part thereof may be withdrawn.
14 – Question 14: Is it permissible to buy Ammar that is not financed by this frozen amount?
 Answer: – If you have the amount for 3 years, and the extension of citizenship, it can be done
This condition protects you.
15 – Question 15: – Is the amount of taxes collected from the day of the frozen amount in the account?
 The answer: – If the amount is deposited in an account (without interest), no tax amounts are allowed
 If this amount is deposited (with interest), the interest accruing to it in one year is (24%)
This day (72%) in three years
 15% of the amount of the interest on this deposited amount will be utilized
 No amount is charged to the principal amount deposited.
 These data are recorded in terms of the data issued these days, considering that the interest rate may change
In the
16. Question 16: What is the nature of the company’s owners’ access to citizenship?
 Answer: – It is clear that the owners of fixed capital in Maima (US $ 500,000) are subject to bankruptcy
Of the application for citizenship
 Fixed capital investment is the expense that is incurred on items such as buildings and machinery that are possible
Long-term use during the production process.
 If there is more than one shareholding for the company, then the share of the person who is applying for the application must be
Turkish nationality (US $ 50,000).
 The person who completes the employment of (50) workers registered with the social security has the right to apply the application
Acquisition of Turkish citizenship (but this property was not mentioned in detail in the law).