Tourist accommodation

Tourist accommodation is issued upon request by the applicant, by booking an appointment to go to the Department through its official website, which is usually granted for a period of one year. The residence permit is required to bring the place of residence through the house lease contract and to translate the passport into Turkish. The passport is validated by the notary public, 4 personal photographs, in addition to the health insurance (Sigurta). The tax number obtained from the tax department takes less than half an hour to obtain.

Student residence

Students residing in Turkey are allowed to study at Turkish universities. Students are required to obtain the necessary conditions for tourist accommodation, as well as a student proof card, which is officially certified by the university in which they are registered.


The employment permit for foreigners is given to employees in Turkish companies. The company obtains a work permit from the Ministry of Labor for the foreigner to be employed, and then requests to stay for it. It is required to obtain it as previously explained in the tourist accommodation. The company must employ five Turks. For every foreign employee, and must obtain tourist accommodation before applying to the Ministry of Labor. It takes about 40 days to obtain a work permit. If the father or mother obtains a work permit, all the family members (spouse)The same work for the establishment of facilities for the person

Humanitarian residence

This type of accommodation is granted to refugees in Turkey, and the Syrians hold the highest percentage.

Real estate accommodation

It is a renewable residence permit for foreigners who own immovable property in Turkey and are granted for a full year, and the wife and children are entitled to a residence permit.

Family stay
In the case of marriage to a Turkish wife / Turkish husband, it is possible to apply for it, and may be a year, two or three years, according to the application submitted, and the right of the applicant to apply for Turkish nationality after three years.