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The mosque of the great Sahabi (Ayüp Sultan Camii) is the first mosque built in the city of Constantinople after it was opened by Sultan Mohamed Al-Fateh in 1453.

Where Shaikh al-Islam “Aq Shams al-Din” searched for the tomb of the great companion after the conquest directly.

He continued to search until the tomb was found, and then the mosque was built nearby, but the mosque was completely isolated from the shrine. The mosque is located on the golden horn bay outside the walls of the old town.

It is noteworthy that the companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari had gone in an army during the Umayyad period to open Constantinople in the year 52 AH.

But the fortresses of the city had exhausted the army, and the great companion attended the death, and asked his companions to bury him in the last spot reached by the army of Muslims, so they buried him outside the walls of Constantinople.

Ayoub Sultan Mosque
The mosque has a special status for the Turks, where they magnify the companionship as the host of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him after migration.

Where he hosted Abu Ayyub Prophet (r) months in his home until the completion of the Prophet’s Mosque.

The sultans of the Ottoman state and their families recommended burying them near the shrine next to the shrine of the companions.

The mosque has many service buildings, such as a restaurant to feed the poor and a Turkish bath. Commercial activities have flourished around the mosque due to the large number of visitors, which millions of people annually from inside and outside Turkey.

Ayoub Sultan Mosque

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