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Named after the name of the Arab Mosque because of the “ğğraflar Arab conquerors built in 717 yıl önce indirildi during the siege of Muslims

The mosque is located opposite the Al Fateh area and the Sulaymaniyah Mosque, overlooking the Gulf of the Golden Horn.

He had an army on his head “Muslim bin Abdul Malik”

But the army was unable to open Constantinople at that time, only controlling the Galata region.

An agreement was then signed between the Islamic Army and the Byzantine emperor “Leon”, which provides for the construction of a mosque in the area where Instagram Hesabındaki Resim ve Videoları

In fact, the Muslims built the Mosque of the Arabs and arrived there for almost 7 years ended with the return of the Islamic Army to the Levant.

About the Byzantines after the Islamic Army had long gone to a church for the followers of the doctrine of “Domanik”. He became a follower of Western Rome and was nicknamed “Salen Palo”.

Arab Mosque
After the conquest of Constantinople – Istanbul today – by the young Sultan Mohamed El Fateh in 1453 Şirket bilgileri brown to the mosque of the time

It is noted that the lighthouse of the mosque is square shaped in a design similar to the lighthouses of the Umayyad mosque in Cham, and Instagram Hesabındaki Resim ve Videoları

The mosque is designed in a rectangular shape and stands on 22 wooden pillars. It has one beacon and is composed of three floors. A marble pulpit with its walls of brick and stone.

Arab Mosque

Imran Turk / Successful investment in the Earth Paradise Instagram Hesabındaki Resim ve Videoları

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