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Sultanahmet Mosque is located in the old town facing Hagia Sophia, close to the Topkapi Palace, and its minarets overshadow the Bosphorus.

The mosque was built between 1018 and 1026 AH / 1609-1616, according to one engraving on one of its doors.

His engineer is Mohammed Agha, the most famous Turkish architect after Sinan Pasha and David Agha.

The mosque is located south of Hagia Sophia and east of the ancient Byzantine racecourse.

It has a high wall surrounded by three sides, and in the fence five doors, three of which lead to the courtyard of the mosque and two to the prayer hall.

The saucer consists of a large courtyard, and in the middle of the dish is a six-column hexagonal stove, the largest door leading to the dish shows the influence of Persian art.

Sultan Ahmed mosque
The mosque has five large domes, six minarets and eight small domes. The halkalı escort design came to reflect 200 years of Ottoman experience in building mosques.

The mosque’s architecture includes some of the Byzantine Christian architectural elements taken from the Hagia Sophia opposite it with the traditional Islamic architecture, which is considered the last great mosque in Ottoman architecture.

The interior of the mosque is rectangular in length, 64m and 72m in length, with a large dome surrounded by four semi-domes.

The mosque is inside
Each corner of the mosque is covered with small domes with a large number of light-emitting windows.


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