Do you want to buy a property in Turkey? Things that distinguish “Yalova” from Istanbul.

Many Arab and European nationalities want to buy property in Turkey, with the remarkable recovery of the real estate market.

House prices in Turkey differ from one city to another, where house prices in the tourist, coastal and economic cities are higher than in the inner cities. For example, house prices in Istanbul are higher than in other cities.

Istanbul is one of the most prominent places where many people buy and own a housing unit, whether for real estate investment, to get Turkish citizenship, or to obtain real estate residence and other privileges.

But the city of “Yalova” near Istanbul is where all these privileges are available, and it provides the possibility of owning an apartment with the same specifications as the property in Istanbul at very competitive prices.

For example, the price of real estate in Istanbul, depending on its specifications, facilities, equipment, space, and other criteria, ranges between 250 thousand US dollars and two million US dollars. However, you can purchase and invest with much lower amounts in “Yalova” with the same specifications in terms of the strategic location and sea or mountainous view, providing properties at reasonable prices to get Turkish citizenship as well.

Yalova is considered one of the quiet areas away from the hustle and bustle of cities, compared to Istanbul. For this reason, real estate and apartment prices are acceptable and suitable for all groups and people wishing to own property in Turkey.

The views of the apartments and real estate in the city of “Yalova” on the landscape and seas, their distance from the city centre, and their specifications and area also play a role in determining their price.

The city of “Yalova“, compared to Istanbul, is characterised because it has many offers of apartments that match all budgets, which encourages investors and those wishing to settle in Turkey, unlike the city of Istanbul, where offers are limited due to the constantly high price per square meter.

The “OmranTrk” company, based in “Yalova,” is helping to provide the right property and model apartments for different tastes and different nationalities, even though a person can spend less time and effort and find a more suitable property in “Yalova” at the same price and with higher specifications.

Although Istanbul is a developed city with many investment opportunities, Yalova has also become a developed city, witnessing economic prosperity and advanced urban projects, besides being a tourist destination for many nationalities, especially those from the Gulf countries.

One of the most prominent differences between the city of Istanbul and the city of “Yalova“, is that most of those who come to own an apartment or property in Turkey look to a small tourist city with an investment opportunity, especially in the real estate sector, and all this can be found in “Yalova“.

Also, the city of “Yalova” has all services, including transportation and schools, and its areas include various recreational activities, restaurants, and markets. The prices of apartments in Taksim vary according to their size, specifications, and interior finishes.

Some apartments vary in price from high to low. You can also find many homes, including villas, luxury homes, and apartments of different styles and designs.

Turkey is considered one of the most important tourist areas because of its charming nature along the shores of the Marmara Sea, besides the many monuments, which make it a destination for tourists from all over the world.

Those wishing to own a residential property or a “model apartment” can find what they are looking for in the residential complexes that the “OmranTrk” company based in “Yalova” is developing, most notably the “Cennet Yalova” project, which is characterized by its strategic location among the charming nature of the city of “Yalova”.

OmranTrk assures its clients that real estate investment in “Yalova” is successful and safe and much easier to live in than in other cities, especially since it is so easy to move from “Yalova” to Istanbul and vice versa via ferries or land within about an hour. Moving to large states such as Ankara, Bursa, and Izmir is possible within a few hours.