Do not buy before you ask these questions, The most important real estate terms in Turkey


Owning an accommodation unit is the first step of settling and investing in the real estate market, which is the most profitable in Turkey, especially after the Turkish government encourages tourism and investment and supports foreign investors. Hence, they seek the best options in housing for themselves and their families.

OmranTrk company has collected the most important real estate terms in Turkish and English for everyone who wants to settle in Turkey and buy a dream home needs. We also offer you questions you should ask before purchasing any property in Turkey to ensure a more transparent and clear sale deal.

Don’t buy a house without asking these questionsBu soruları sormadan ev almaya çalışmayın
How old is the buildingBinanın yaşı?
How far is it from the city center?Şehir merkezine ne kadar uzaklıkta?
How much is the revenue of the complex?Sitenin aydatı ne kadar?
What are the services of the complex?Sitenin hizmetleri nelerdir
Details of the complex’s locationSitenin konum ayrıntılarlı
Is the Tapu ready for delivery?Tapusu teslimata hazır mı?
How much is the commissionKomisyonu ne kadar?
The most important real estate terms En önemli terimler
Real estate investmentGayrimenkul yatırımı 
Real estate marketingGayrimenkul pazarlaması
Real estate developmentGayrimenkul geliştirme
real estate agencyemlakçı
Sell  Sat
Buysatın al
  Deposit  Komisyon
Ownership contractMülkiyet Sözleşmesi
Cash saleNakitle satış 
installment saleTaksitli satış
Building   Bina
Ground floorZemin kat  
Middle floorara kat
Last floorSon kat
Northern frontKuzey cephe
Southern  frontGüney cephe
Square metersMetrekare
Wooden doorAhşap kapı
Iron doorDemir kapı 
Finishingİnce işcilik
Unit TypesBirim Türler
Detached HouseMüstakil Ev
Duplex VillaDubleks Villa
Residential ComplexKonut Kompleksi
Project ServicsProje Hizmetleri
Green spacesyeşil alanlar
Swimming poolYüzme havuzu 
Turkish bathTürk hamamı
GymsSpor kulübü
Security guardGüvenlik görevlisi
Apartment with sea viewDaire  Deniz manzaralı 
Mountain viewDağ manzaralı
Close to the universityÜniversiteye yakın
Close to the city centerŞehir merkezine yakın
Net areaNet alan
Total areaToplam alanı

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