CEO of Omran Trk?


Born in Kuwait 09/10/1983

I started working at the age of ten in a car maintenance factory and a food factory owned by my father, and at the age of twenty, i.e., in 2003, I went to work in the field of real estate construction

In 2007, I graduated from the University of the Arabic Language, Department of History and Civilization. In 2010, I obtained a diploma in marketing from the Canadian Academy in Egypt, and then in 2015, I got a Business Master on MBA degree. In 2014 I came to Turkey, at first, I went to more than one Turkish city searching for the right city to settle down and start a business, I went to Istanbul, Yalova, Bursa, Samsun, Trabzon, and Antalya.

I found that Istanbul is the main and commercial center of Turkey, but because of its extreme overcrowding and a large number of constructions in it, I found that the city of Yalova is the occasion because of its calm, beauty of nature, and its strategic location for its proximity to Istanbul, Bursa, Kocaeli, and Izmit.

I initially started working in marketing and due to problems with some people, I decided to start my own company (Omran Trk) in 2016 and to be construction and marketing at the same time.

Thus, in 2017, I started my first project (Al-Moruj) with a capital of 3 million and a half Turkish liras and a capital of one million dollars invested, consisting of connected and detached villas and duplex apartments of 85 housing units and it was delivered in 2019. Also in 2019, my second project (Cennet Yalova) began with an invested capital of $3 million, consisting of 144 various housing units from 1 + 1 to villas and hotel apartments, and it is planned to be delivered in 2022.

I have been in Turkey for 6 years. I started my company with two employees and now they have about 30 employees. So far, I have two projects with a marketing value of $12 million.