OmranTrk is present at the International Trade Fair “MÜSİAD Expo” Istanbul 2022

OmranTrk company, headquartered in Yalova, northwestern Turkey, is taking part in the activities of the 19th edition of the "MÜSİAD Expo" trade fair, which will be hosted by the Turkish city of Istanbul from November 2-5, under the supervision of the Turkish Association of Independent Industrialists and entrepreneurs. "MÜSİAD,". The activities of the exhibition and the mega economic event were...


Yalova is on the list of “The Smartest Cities In Turkiye” according to the Turkish Statistics Authority

The city of "Yalova" in northwestern Turkiye (Turkey) was ranked among the list of "the smartest cities in Turkiye (Turkey)" based on the results issued by the "Intelligence Test Center," which conducted many intelligence tests in dozens of cities and on certain percentage of the population. The Turkish media shared the result issued by the "intelligence tests" website, and "Yalova" came in 15th...


What is the future of real estate market prices in Turkey?

The reality of the real estate sector in Turkiye (Turkey) raises many questions from investors, people of business, and even those wishing to own property about the future of real estate prices during the coming period in Turkey. Observers interested in this sector believe that real estate prices have peaked during the current stage because of the recovery of the economy and tourism sectors...


Saudi Arabia grants Turks an electronic tourist visa, here are its requirements

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that Turkish citizens are allowed to enter the country by obtaining an electronic tourist visa (on arrival), in line with the 2030 Tourism initiative. According to what OmranTrk company, headquartered in Yalova, northwestern Turkiye has followed, that's Saudi Arabia has begun granting Turkish citizens an electronic tourist visa (on arrival), for residents or...


What is the impact of the energy crisis on Turkey?

In the past years, the Turkish government has provided many facilities for investors and major companies working in the energy field, to reduce energy imports and increase export, as this field occupies a great priority on the list of projects within Turkiye's Vision 2023, one of the reasons of the prosperity in the energy sector in Turkiye. Over the past years, the last five years, in particular,...

The Ministry of Sports and Youth organizes a tourism program to the most important landmarks of “Yalova” in Turkiye

The Ministry of Youth and Sports in Turkey organized a trip for a group of young travelers of nearly a thousand individuals who are passionate about travel and exploration and hosted them in the "student housing" in "Yalova". Turkish sources, including "Anadolu Agency", stated that nearly a thousand young people came to "Yalova", and benefited from the opportunity of free accommodation in the...

مبيعات-العقارات في يلوا الجنسية التركية Real Estate Sales Yalova Turkey

Yalova is among the top ten cities in real estate sales to obtain Turkish citizenship

"Yalova" city in northwestern Turkey was among the most preferred cities by foreigners wishing to own a property to obtain Turkish citizenship, in the first quarter of this year 2022. Turkish sources stated that for the first quarter of 2022, Istanbul was the most preferred city by foreigners to obtain citizenship, followed by Antalya, Ankara, Yalova, Izmir, Mersin, Mugla, Bursa, Trabzon, and Sakarya,...

عمران ترك الكويت

OmranTrk discusses with the Turkish ambassador in Kuwait the reality of investment and economy between the two countries

Member of the Board of Directors of "OmranTrk" and the representative of the company in Kuwait, Mr. Hamad Al-Ali, made an important visit to the Turkish Ambassador of Kuwait Aisha Hilal Sayan Koytak. During the visit, they discussed the reality of investment in Turkey, especially that the real estate market changing in the coming years, in addition to highlighting the successes achieved by the...

Real Estate Sales Turkey مبيعات العقار تركيا

Real estate sales to foreigners achieve remarkable figures in March 2022

The demand for real estate purchases in Turkey continues at an upward pace, especially among foreign investors wishing to purchase a property in various Turkish cities. In the latest developments, the Turkish Statistics Authority said in a statement that Turkish real estate sales to foreigners recorded an increase of 31% last March, compared to the same month of 2021. The total real estate sales...

موصياد ليبيا

“OmranTrk” participates in an important economic event along with ” MUSIAD ” in Libya

"OmranTrk" company, represented by its CEO, "Abdülaziz Kaşifoğlu", participates today, Saturday, in an important historical event in the world of Turkish economy and investment, under the most prominent title, "The Turkish Association of Independent Businessmen and Industrialists (MUSIAD) opens a new branch in Libya." OmranTrk's participation confirms the importance of the efforts it is making...

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