Directorate of Health

Yalova is safe in blue

After the increase in the number of corona vaccines in Yalova, it reached 75% of Yalova’s population The city of Yalova joins a list of cities in blue color, which are considered at a lower risk of Corona virus. "OmranTrk" company paid a visit to the Directorate of Health in Yalova Mr. Imrah Iray, in his behalf he has explained that the rate of Covid19 infections has decreased significantly...

عمران ترك كويت ترك

Kuwait Turk facilities offered to Omran Trk’s clients

With over than 431 branches across Turkey and more than a branch  internationally, “Kuwait Turk” Bank is considered one of the most dominant on  the list of Turkish banks, as well  “Kuwait Turk” Bank is one of the most important and famous Islamic banks in Turkey. In fact “Kuwait Turk” is indentured to “Omran Trk” company. About Kuwait Turk Bank Kuwait Turk Bank was...

صناديق رمضان

OmranTRK distributing Over 400 food packages in Ramadan

OmranTRK Company is welcoming Holy Ramadan with an open arm, by taking the initiative to obtain charitable social activities held in Yalova city, thus a part of OmranTRK’s initiatives at the beginning of each Ramadan is to distribute food packages to those in need. As well for this year, OmranTRK has cooperated with three different institutions to manage the distribution of food packages on the needy...

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