On your visit to the magnificent coastal city of Yalova, you will enjoy looking at the tranquility and natural landscapes, as the city of Yalova is known for the hot springs (Termal) through which you can relax at , in a spa or even to visit the other historical and tourist places and beaches that attract local and foreign tourists.So if you are looking for amusement in your vacation at Yalova; "OmranTRK"...

الاستثمار عمران ترك

Investment and real estate industry in Turkey

Investment Industry General Overview Investment is a require to reach financial goals either for companies or individuals. The investor’s goals might be buying a house, afford going on vacations or even funding one’s retirement. investments are nowadays fundamentals sources of income, especially paying bills, living expenses or even sustaining and securing your family living statue. How do I...

Yalova Beach

6 Good Reasons to Visit Yalova

YALOVA Yalova is all seasons touristic holiday site, to be visited in spring, summer, fall, or even winter, with the company of family, friends, or even by yourself. Yalova is located in the middle between Istanbul and Bursa city, On the foothills of the Samanli Mountains in the north-western part of Turkey, which can be easily accessed from Istanbul by a 70 minutes ferry reaching Yalova. For...

Turkish Citizenship

Turkish citizenship through ownership in 6 steps

Introduction Turkish citizenship acquired the attention of many investors around the world, especially the citizens of many countries in the Arab region who are looking for many facilities in their travel and their movements, even some kind of commercial openness for their business. Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship. There are 6 different options for obtaining Turkish citizenship, but...

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