Arab and Turkish celebrities praise “Omran Turk” and its successful projects… This is what they said!

Several Arab and Turkish celebrities compliment the “Omran Trk” company for the unique and unparalleled excellence in the real estate market, stressing that it is important for all those wishing to invest by owning real estate to visit the Turkish city of “Yalova”, the main headquarters of the company’s real estate projects, which have become the focus of attention of Arab and foreign capitals and businessmen.

Among these celebrities is the Egyptian artist Wagdy Al-Arabi, who praised Imran Turk company and expressed his happiness for the visit he made to the company’s headquarters in Yalova.

“Omran Trk” Company is a company of trust, guarantee, security, promises, and honesty,” said Al-Arabi.

“Wagdy El-Araby”

toured the various corners of the ready residential units and those which is still under construction,  accompanied by the administrative staff of the “Omran Trk” company, and was briefed on the apartments and their unique modern design, and their residential units advantages compared to other housing units in other projects.

Al-Araby added that about a year ago, he visited one of the projects that “Omran Trk” is working on, and the promises were that this project which started in 2019 and that the delivery of the residential units will take place in 2021, noting that “indeed, there are housing units that have been delivered as “Omran Trk”  promised, in addition to the completion of the project,  the rest of the units will be delivered the next year 2022.

He stressed that “whoever sees and watches with his own eyes is not like someone who listens or follows only on YouTube,  and it is important to visit to learn about the achievements of “Omran Trk” Company.”

Al-Araby greatly praised the decorative designs that each apartment have, which in turn added a special elegance and unparalleled creativity, expressing at the same time that “any description of Omran Trk’s projects cannot be transferred through photo or video only, everything said and explained is not enough and does not give Omran Trk and its projects it’s respected due of appreciation .”

At the end of his speech, Al-Arabi said, directing his message to all investors of different nationalities: “If you want to buy or invest in real estate, you have no choice but to apply for a successful investment in Yalova and the paradise of Yalova, and this can only succeed and be done through “Omran Trk” Company.”

 Among the celebrities who visited ” Yalova “, especially the projects of Omran left located in the city, the Syrian vocalist “Yahya Hawwa”, who expressed his opinion about what the company is working on in the real estate sector and the distinctive imprint of those projects that became famous throughout Turkey and not only in ” Yalova “.

“Yahya Hawwa”

, who made a tour which he was briefed on the real estate projects of “Omran Trk“, said, “My visit to Yalova was surprising, with the intention of tourism with my family, and to visit my friend (Abdul Aziz Al-Kashef), director of “Omran Trk”, who briefed me directly on the project. (ALMRUJ), which is a fantastic project in every sense of the word.”

He added: “The detector also informed me about the project (Paradise of Yalova), and indeed it is a “Paradise”, the sea in front, and the mountain is behind you, and all of this motivates you to live in this project.”

He added, “All projects are successful, and the most important thing is the good reputation that “Omran Trk ” company enjoys, in terms of reliability and truthfulness, unfortunately; all of these qualities have become a rare currency in our time. I wish from all my heart the success of those in charge of Omran Trk Company.”

He pointed out that “Yelova” has become one of the first options for him for housing and accommodation, expressing his hope that he will be one of the owners of a residential unit in the ” Yelova Paradise” project.

Hawwa presented the Omran Trk company and its administrative staff with a group of the most beautiful anthems, with his sweet voice, which enthralled the listeners, and gave the atmosphere of his visit a distinctive and interesting character, in an atmosphere of joy and happiness that spread throughout the real estate company.

And because “the positive comments about Omran Trk reached all of Turkey,” among those who visited the company was the Turkish actor “Jalal Al”, one of the heroes of the famous series “Ertugrul”.

Jalal Al

The visit of ” Jalal Al” is no less important than the other visits of Arab celebrities to the ” Omran Trk ” company, especially since he wanted to verify with his own eyes what is being said and repeated in the real estate market about the achievements of ” Omran Trk ” in “Yalova”.

And indeed, the moment ” Jalal Al” arrived in “Yalova”, specifically to the headquarters of “Omran Turk”, and after the company’s director, “Abdul Aziz Al-Kashef” received him with a warm welcome, the surprise, shock and admiration expressions seemed clear on ” Jalal  Al” face, to then express his great admiration for the company’s projects with the words “Masha’Allah”.

Addressing  “Al-Kashef”, near one of ” Omran Trk ” projects, said “Al”: “Masha’Allah my dear friend, you as Omran Trk Company, have created a wonderful project.”

After drinking  the most popular hot drink among the Turkish, “tea”, and from the balcony of one of the residential units, the Turkish star continued his words, saying: “Today we were in the beautiful city of Yalova, and in this beautiful city we saw the beautiful project (Yalova Paradise) with its distinguished services closely.” Inviting all his friends to visit ” Yalova”  and to get acquainted with ” Omran Trk ” special projects up close.

He concluded, “Because Omran Trk is a reliable company, you will not be disappointed.”

It is worth noting that many customers who dealt with Omran Trk company also praised the way of dealing and the number of services provided to them by the company’s staff, in addition to the flexibility and ease of dealing and other features that the company has become famous for.

The “Al-Morouj” and “Yalova Paradise” projects are among the most important real estate projects that Imran Turk has worked and is working on in the city of “Yalova”, a city that has also become a distinctive destination for all those wishing to invest their money successfully and permanently, and this is evident through the slogan Presented by Omran Trk, “Successful Investment in Yalova Earth’s Paradise”.

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