“Abdullah Deniz” from the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey … visits Omran TRK

Mr. Abdullah Deniz from the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic visited the “Omran TRK” company in Yalova.

The idea of new investment projects for the city was discussed by the administration of “Omran TRK” and presented to the Governor and the administration of the city of Yalova with the support of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic.

This visit comes from the aim of searching for suitable investments for the city of Yalova and the interest of the Presidency of the Republic to expand private investments to Yalova and to attract more investors to this city.

Deniz was also briefed on the projects of “Omran TRK” in Yalova, where he visited the Al-Moruj project and then Cennet Yalova project, and was received there by the sales staff of the Cennet Yalova, then he toured the project where he viewed the model apartment and expressed his great admiration for the apartment and the quality of its finishes.

He also expressed his interest in the beauty of the view and the luxury of the apartments in the project and was informed of the price list of the apartments, as well as the many services of the project and expressed his interest in them.

Abullah Deniz OmranTRK

At the end of the visit, Omran TRK family thanked Mr. “Deniz” for his constructive visit and for his interest in the new projects and investments proposed for implementation in the city of Yalova.

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