On your visit to the magnificent coastal city of Yalova, you will enjoy looking at the tranquility and natural landscapes, as the city of Yalova is known for the hot springs (Termal) through which you can relax at , in a spa or even to visit the other historical and tourist places and beaches that attract local and foreign tourists.
So if you are looking for amusement in your vacation at Yalova; “OmranTRK” shares with you a great review of Yalova’s local and Western cuisine most important restaurants trying a verity of the most delicious foods.

Yalova’s Local Food & Cuisine

Yalova Sütlüsü (Milky Baklava)

Yalova Sütlüsü

Sweetened milk baklava is one of the most famous traditional sweets in the city of Yalova, and the favourite among tourists, which was distinguished by its delicious and rich taste made of layers of baklava dough, which is stuffed with walnuts, sweet milk and topped with pistachios.

Ispanaklı Yalova Böreği (Spinach Filled Pastry)

spanaklı Böreği

Yalova is famous for its delicious, crispy pastries, stuffed with spinach or cheese as well. It is considered one of the most favourable pastries for the city residents and visitors also.

Yalova Çorbası (Yalova Local Soup)

This delicious soup is also called (Termal soup), made of lentils, cabbage and bulgur, and this soup is one of the most popular meals served in Yalova restaurants in winter.

Yalova Köftesi (Yalova Meatballs)

Yalova Köftesi

Kofta or grilled meatballs is one of the most famous dishes in Turkey generally. Yalova had its own flavour added to their dish, it is served with peppers and grilled tomatoes.


papara yemeği

It is a popular dish, similar to fatteh, which is made of fried bread and yogurt sauce, topped with meat and garished with tomatoes.

Termal Sarma (Termal Stuffing)

Termal Sarma

This type of stuffing differs from the known stuffings in turkey. This type is made of meat and stuffed with fried mushrooms and onions, grilled in the oven and served with tomato sauce.

The most reputable restaurants in Yalova

Vadi Yalova Restaurant


Start your journey in Yalova with a special breakfast by very beautiful view at Vadi Yalova Restaurant, which is located on the top of Termal Road, which it’s delicious food and location become a favorite among visitors, whether for breakfast or lunch.
address: Üvezpınar Mah. 15 Temmuz Cad. No:54, 77100 Termal/Yalova
phone no:0545 457 53 77


For a delicious lunch by a wonderful mountain and sea view, we invite you to visit Hasanbaba restaurant, which serves the most delicious and delicious types of grills, which is located at the top of the famous “Hassan Baba” hill in Çınarcık near Cennet Yalova project. This restaurant is considered one of the most visited restaurants by tourists.
Address: Hasanbaba Yolu Üzeri, 77300 Çınarcık/Yalova
Phone No: 0532 316 08 54


Rivay et

For grilled steak and meat lovers of all cuts and cooking methods, we recommend you to visit RİVAY ET Restaurant, which is famous for serving delicious grilled steaks, with their special service.
RİVAY ET is also located near to Al-Moruj project.
Address: Kazim karabekir mahallesi termal yolu, Ağaç Sk. no, 77200 Merkez/Yalova
Phone No: 0532 254 77 77

Gold Künefe


For a great oriental dessert, you will experience the most delicious taste of kunafa at Gold Künefe dessert place, which is famous for its delicious kunafa made in Gaziantep, this kunafa is distinguished by its rich taste in addition to the pistachio nuts that give it a vibrant green color and served with milk.
Address: Adnan Menderes, Rahmi Üstel Cd. no:28 b D:6, 77100 Merkez/Yalova
Phone No. 0538 403 00 71



Enjoy a fine cup of coffee in wonderful evening by the sea, you can visit MADO Cafe and Restaurant, located on the coast of Yalova, to enjoy the best and most delicious drinks ,food and Turkish ice cream
Adress: Bahçelievler, Gazi Paşa Cd. No:65, 77200 Merkez/Yalova Merkez/Yalova
phone No: 0226 812 71 50


You can go to Victor human Restaurant and Cafe located on the coast line of Yalova, which has a nice location by the sea and serves a large verity of food , as it serves traditional Turkish and Western foods like pizza and burgers, besides serving hot and cold drinks, Western and Turkish sweets, as well as pastries.
Address: Rüstempaşa mh. Gazipaşa cad. No: 32/1 Merkez/Yalova

Brooklyn Cafe Bistro

A great café viewing the sea and boats directly from the terrace of the Brooklyn’s Cafe, which is frequently visited by young people. The café is also distinguished by its specialty nargile and pizza for best selling, as well as the delicious food and drinks that they serve.
Address: Rüstem Paşa, Gazi Paşa Cd. No:18, 77200 Yalova Merkez/Yalova


OmranTRK, in cooperation with the restaurants mentioned above, in the article, offers a 10% discount for OmranTRK customers who hold the discount card

OmranTRK family wishes you a pleasant vacation.