6 Good Reasons to Visit Yalova


Yalova is all seasons touristic holiday site, to be visited in spring, summer, fall, or even winter, with the company of family, friends, or even by yourself. Yalova is located in the middle between Istanbul and Bursa city, On the foothills of the Samanli Mountains in the north-western part of Turkey, which can be easily accessed from Istanbul by a 70 minutes ferry reaching Yalova.

For Holidays

If you are looking for tranquillity and a special time to treat yourself and relax in Yalova then you have to try the hot springs of Termal -Turkish Hammam- as you enjoy such an experience your body will be detoxed and healthy once you leave that thermal water. It’s an immediate change to your mood and health all at once. As well you may visit the historical baths of Valide, Sultan, and Kurshunlu bath.

Upon the mountains of Yalova there, you might find the best of the most Touristic sites visited of all in Yalova. the breathtaking beauty of nature alongside Teşvikiye Waterfall amid a forest of green trees and colorful flowers as the waterfalls provide visitors with very quiet and relaxing sessions for nerves, you may swim or lay down and meditate, go and walk to discover nature. join it with your family or friends for unforgettable memories, go hiking, do some barbecue and enjoy every moment.

The Rural life of Yalova

In Gokcedere village is definitely distinguished as each village in turkey; with their food, culture and atmosphere not to mention the gorgeous landscape and the vibrant plants in the surrounding areas.

Gokcedere is located in Termal village, about 12 km away from the centre of Yalova city, to becoming a target for local and national tourists, allowing them to enjoy the silence and comfort of their soul and mind.


Beach destinations of Yalova

Beach destinations of Yalova are a reason that makes Yalova really a special touristic city, for the long coastline against Marmara sea.

The centre, As well as the Termal district, Çınarcık and Armutlu popular tourist destinations. Armutlu, a seaside location 50 kilometres from Yalova centre, has the distinct advantage of hot thermal springs as well as beach, swimming, sunbathing and water sports leisure activities.

 Çınarcık has beaches and an atmosphere that has the marvellous ability to match the local and national tourist needs which made it a popular destination for Turks to buy holiday homes as well as foreigners.



Business in Yalova has become wise in recent years, business people from Istanbul have cashed in apartments for sale in Yalova because of the cheap prices and recent construction boom that is upgrading the real estate market to new, modern homes.


Museums in Turkey enclose their artefacts behind glass cases and stonewall; Yalova Museums kept it out in full view. In open-air museum celebrates 600 years of history for the Romans, Byzantines, and Ottoman eras. Established in 2003, artefacts are scatted throughout a green area in the center of Yalova.


The way from Yalova to Istanbul takes around 45 minutes driving your car across approximately 100 miles Gazi Osman bridge that links between  Istanbul, Yalova and other cities as well. By sea it takes 85 minutes from IDO Yenikapi ferry station across Marmara to Yalova centre which makes it an easy options for tourist to move around and explore different parts of Turkey by ferry, car, bus or even local flights from a city to another all options are under your demand.