2021 Medical tourism in Turkey and its features

السياحة  العلاجية عمران- ترك Omrantrk

Turkey is considered one of the best countries in the world in the field of medical tourism, and it topped the global list of medical tourism after the United States and South Korea, and the most popular by tourists for treatment in the past ten years, as the medical sector continues to grow and develop more and more, as Turkey became one of the self-sufficient countries, becoming Producer of both medical devices and supplies and other achievements that Turkey has achieved and continues to achieve in the medical fields.

Reasons for the boom of medical tourism in Turkey

The quality of the treatment services provided and the appropriate prices, made Turkey desirable by a large segment of patients. Compared to some foreign and even Arab countries, the treatment prices in Turkey are more affordable by a very reasonable rate that may reach 70%.

The facilities and great support from the Turkish government for the medical sector, as the state provided facilities for hospitals, medical centers and all their employees, to provide the arrivals with the best treatment services, and these facilities included foreign patients coming from outside Turkey, as they facilitated both the procedures for entering the country and moving there, even in light of a Corona crisis.

The availability of the latest medical devices and supplies was also a factor in attracting patients who are looking for the latest and highest quality technologies to provide the best results.

Specialized medical staff with high qualifications and long experience working with the highest level of safety and safety standards in order to preserve the health and safety of the patient and provide him with the required results.

Types of medical tourism

Medical tourism

From natural sources such as springs and natural water such as sulfur water, mineral water and others, which provide the patient with treatment of chronic diseases, the city of Yalova is famous for the “Termal” area, which contains hot sulfur water that contains many benefits and is considered a treatment for a number of diseases and is intended for thousands of tourists every year.

Medical tourism

Which includes all kinds of different treatments such as:-

  • Hair Transplant
  • Dental implants and cosmetic surgery
  • Eye diseases
  • Plastic surgeries of all kinds
  • Obesity treatment
  • Natural therapy

Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir are famous for the availability of the most famous and largest of these medical centers that provide the highest levels of service and attract many foreign patients.

المياه الكبريتية عمران ترك

Elderly and Disabled Tourism

Such as providing social services and caring for the elderly and the disabled, such as healing hotels, rehabilitation centers and physiotherapy centers.

Advantages of medical tourism in Turkey

Diversity and abundance of medical treatment centers

The quality of the medical service provided

Attractive prices, which are considered competitive between each center and the other.

Most medical centers have translators who speak at least two languages

Continuous medical development and modernization of the latest treatment techniques.

The importance of medical tourism to Turkey

Medical tourism has many benefits because of the benefits it brings to Turkey and its people, most notably reducing the unemployment rate among the Turkish citizens, The need for labor to serve the large numbers of patients who come for treatment leads to a reduction in the unemployment rate in the country.

It also contributes to raising and revitalizing the Turkish economy, as the Turkish economic market has flourished in the past few years thanks to medical tourism.

On the other hand, the Turkish government plans to be the first in medical tourism in the world and directs all its attention and focus to constantly developing and modernizing this sector to attract about two million tourists by 2023.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also stressed the importance of medical tourism to his country and that he would be pleased if his country would receive guests from outside the country and would make sure to provide them with the best possible service.

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